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New in Beauty ft. Drugstore

New products in the drugstore

Recap: New in Beauty
ft. Drugstore Edition

As much as I love makeup, sometimes I can’t purchase the new higher-end makeup. For one, makeup isn’t
cheap but it looks nice.

New in Beauty ft. Sephora and Ulta

What's new in beauty ft. Sephora and Ulta

RECAP: New in Beauty
ft. Sephora and Ulta

Is your bank account hurting, yet? It feels like everyday someone is coming out with a new makeup line, 
collection or single product. I know, I want to try loads of these new products but that will take a long time.

10 Myths/Misconceptions About Blogging

What people don't tell you about blogging

10 Myths/Misconceptions About Blogging

Blogging is fun and all but there are some things that you should know. Don’t follow the crowd, be your own 
person (you’ve heard that a thousand times, right)? Well I’m about to share with you some other myths or 
misconceptions surrounding blogging. From money, traffic to a full-time job, I’ve got you covered.