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It's time to unfollow the accounts that halt your creativity

Do you feel like your creativity on Instagram is suffering?

Why it’s okay to Unfollow Someone

Unfollow the people that make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t waste your time looking at content that makes you feel uncomfortable, sad or insecure.

New in Beauty ft. Drugstore

New products in the drugstore

Recap: New in Beauty
ft. Drugstore Edition

As much as I love makeup, sometimes I can’t purchase the new higher-end makeup. For one, makeup isn’t
cheap but it looks nice.

New in Beauty ft. Sephora and Ulta

What's new in beauty ft. Sephora and Ulta

RECAP: New in Beauty
ft. Sephora and Ulta

Is your bank account hurting, yet? It feels like everyday someone is coming out with a new makeup line, 
collection or single product. I know, I want to try loads of these new products but that will take a long time.