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After months of binge watching Netflix, when I should have been doing my homework I came to the conclusion that I have spent hours on end on this. It was time for a Netflix post since I spend HOURS watching movies and TV shows that I had never heard of before. So its time... 

Netflix Favorites

After months of thinking and researching- if Netflix was really worth it, I decided to get it. Now, I’m completely obsessed with Netflix because I am discovering shows that I didn’t know existed. So here I will provide you with a list of shows/movies that I absolutely love and can’t get enough of.  There are plenty more where these came from but that can be another post. Also the shows with the * are shows I want to start watching.

#1 Grey’s Anatomy

I have binge watch Grey’s Anatomy, this show is just so amazing. Derek and Meredith are life (lol). I don’t have the channel where they show Grey’s Anatomy so I just recently discovered this show on Netflix.

#2 Private Practice

I found this show after binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, since the same person created both shows. Subsequently, two of the characters were from Grey’s (Addison and Amelia). Therefore, it also caught my attention and I am obsessed with it. I’m currently in season 4 and there are only 6 seasons.

#3 Gossip Girl

This is something I have just recently discovered and I literally love it (everyone needs a Chuck Bass). Since I just started watching, there really isn’t much I can say about it but I do hope I enjoy watching every season.

#4 The Office*

This is one show I really (like really) want to start watching since everyone thinks it’s so funny.

#5 Orange is the New Black*

As I said with The Office, this is also one show that I am enthusiastic to see, for one because everyone claims it is funny. Also, because they think it’s a well put together show that shows a fun side to all the characters.

#6 Dear Santa

Oh, this movie is one of my favorite holiday types of movie. I watched this movie probably more than like 5 times in a matter of 2-3 days within the same week (lol). It was just so nice and warm perfect for this time of year (Grab a cup of tea or a latte and a blanket).

#7 Catching Fire

The Hunger Games, although I didn’t read the books (oops) was amazing just like the first movie. I just recently saw the new movie and can’t wait for the second part to come out (are you, are you coming to the tree are you are you).  Listening to that song makes me exciting to see the next part that is coming out. (Are you a Hunger Games fan?)

#8 White Chicks

Funny, Funny movie! When you feel sad or just need a laugh this is one of the movies you want to see. This is one of those classic comedy movies because the characters are hilarious.

#9 Olympus has fallen

I found this movie, as it was a recommendation from my brother who loves these types of movies. I find it cool how just one man can save everyone because you know not all heroes wear capes.

#10 Blackfish

This one is really sad because it will make you mad at the idea of captivity towards all animals. It’s wrong to take animals and lock them up in captivity for our fun. All these animals are supposed to grow free not constricted to a certain amount of space everyday. They are free; they feel pain just like we do. Overall, this documentary is one you need to watch.

Thanks for reading dolls 

Do you have Netflix favorites? If so what are they. 

see you next time dolls... xoxo dazzlemxo


  1. I'm in love with Grey's Anatomy, but I usually watch it on Fox. And lately I've been also obsessing with Orange is the New Black! :)

    Go Prada Yourself.

    1. I can't wait till Grey's comes back from vacation

  2. Netflix is the best! I love Homeland at the mo!

    1. Haven't heard of Homeland but i'll have to check it out

  3. Hey there, Maria! I don't know if you remember me from twitter yesterday, but I was stopping by to take a peek at your blog :). I'm so happy I did, too! You're a great writer.
    I must say I really love the Office and White Chicks so much. Any sort of silly comedy gets and keeps my attention! Blackfish though, I could never finish it. It broke my heart. I tried, but it was just too much to handle :(.

    1. hey there, thanks for stopping it truly means a lot. Yes, blackfish was really hard to watch it took me a while to finish it.

  4. Great list! (: Gossip Girl is amazing as well as White Chicks and Catching Fire. :D You should definitely read the Hunger Games books, they're amazing! (: Ohh, I need to check out Olympus Has Fallen, sounds interesting!

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M

    1. Hey doll thank you for reading my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I'm still trying to make some time to watch gossip girl. Since I am still trying to finish Orang is the new black.

      xoxo dazzlemxo