(OH, OH!) You've been Chosen: Get to Know me Tag!!!!

Hey dolls so lately I have seen a couple of Tags going around and was thinking (why not make one myself)? I came up with a couple of simple questions to answer so you can get a fun perspective of myself. I also thought it would be nice if a couple of you had the opportunity to do this tag so your readers learn something about you and your blog. (So they can relate to you a little more). It was so much fun to do this TAG.

Get to Know Me Tag!

#1 Name

#2 Blog Name: anything special about it?
 Blog Name: Dazzlemxo
The special thing that surrounds my blog’s name is first (dazzle) stands for my favorite thing, which is glitz and glam. Then the (m) stands for my first name that is Maria. Lastly, (xo) stands for hugs and kisses.

#3 How long have you had your blog for?
I started my blog last year in January (woo 1 year!!!!).

#4 Favorite color?
Well is depends because I love a glitter pink but my all time favorite color is a light pink (almost like a dusty rose color).

#5 Age?
Oh I’m 18 years old.

#6 Why did you start blogging?
Okay, so I started blogging because I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts and opinions with people who have the same taste as I do. Also because I (secretly always wanted to work at vogue lol). I see this as more than just a pass time because I want to make a career out of this. I’m trying to minor in journalism (I’m preparing myself). Oh and I also like meeting bloggers and sharing experiences and blog links.

#7 Favorite Book?
Books, Books not much of a book lover because I never really get into books since I always find the movies to be much better. Yet, my all time favorite book is the Great Gatsby! (What’s your favorite book? Have your read this book?)

#8 Favorite highlighter? Why?
All time favorite highlighter would have to be the benefit Watt’s Up! Because its settle and gives you just the right amount of product with one swipe.

#9 Holy Grail drugstore foundation?
My hold grail drugstore foundation is the Revlon Color Stay foundation because it’s like a medium to full coverage foundation. If you apply it with a beauty blender you can sheer out the coverage a bit so it won’t look cakey (heaven in a jar).

#10 Holy Grail high-end foundation?
Oh my god! This has to go to the Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation. I have oily skin and this foundation does wonders for my skin. (If your taking pictures this foundation is amazing)

#11 Favorite primer?
I currently love the TARTE clean slate poreless 12-hr perfecting primer. It’s amaze balls (lol).

#12 All time favorite mascara’s? Both high-end and drugstore.
High-end: They’re real by Benefit Cosmetics
Drugstore: The rocket mascara

#13 What’s your favorite makeup brand? High-end and drugstore.
High-end: I have really been loving Urban Decay cosmetics.
Drugstore: I’m constantly changing between them but at the moment NYX.

#14 What’s your favorite food?
My favorite food would have to be pasta like spaghetti and stuff. (no chicken)

#15 If you could travel to anywhere in the world where and why?
I would travel to Milan, Rome, Moscow, New York, Paris, London because Fashion is a big thing here. I would go to Fashion Week and it would be amazing!

#16 How many times did you upload last year?
I uploaded 34 times last year.

#17 What apps do you use to edit pictures and or create thumbnails?
I use Square Instapic, Photoshop Express, Blendpic, Eraser, PicsArt, PhotoMirror and Photo Editor

#18 What’s your twitter name?

#19 What’s your instagram name?

#20 Favorite candy?
Chocolate but right now I’m really loving chewy lifesavers (specially the purple berries bag).

#21 Favorite drink?
When you don’t catch me with a water bottle on hand, you’ll catch me with some pink lemonade.

#22 What’s your favorite clothing store?
I must say this is hard because normally I just shop at the usual stores we find at the mall. Like H&M, forever21, Wet Seal, Macy’s etc.

#23 Describe your self-using three words?
Outgoing, Creative, Competitive  

#24 What is something you want to improve about your blog this year?
I would like to establish a routine (like right know I’m trying to upload 3 times a week).  Also be active with my blog on social media. Meet new bloggers  and share feedback. Get more quality content out to my readers. Join more chats when I have a chance because they are super fun. Maybe have the opportunity to host a couple of chats.

Thanks for reading dolls!
Make sure you @ me when you do this Tag. I want to read them!!

Have a nice day and leave me comment.

Love dazzlemxo 


  1. Great read :)

    Bebhinn + A Judge Less Life

    1. Hello doll. Thank you for reading, I hope you have an opportunity to do this Tag! don't forget to tag me so I can read it.

  2. Hey Maria! Cool tag post. This is my first time reading your blog so it's perfect to get to know you! You should link to this post on your "About me" page ;)

    Not sure if you just blog via mobile, but Canva.com is a really cool site to make blog graphics (I hear picmonkey is cool too but never used it).

    1. Hello Zully, thank you for taking time and reading my blog it truly means a lot to me. Also, thank you for recommending me to link this to my "About me" page and I will take that into consideration. Thank you.