Celebrity Fashion Looks

Celebrity Fashion

Don’t we all just love trying to dress like the celebrities we love? But we don’t have those thousands of dollars to spend on their wardrobes. Instead we try to copy their
looks with more versatile affordable pieces. Either way you’ll look beautiful in whatever you choose. You can do a DIY project and re-create some of these pieces.

 Our first look is laid back, super casually. It can also be very versatile since you can add a scarf and jacket for the colder weather or add some sandals for the summer time. From this look I love the leggings and I did a DIY on them because leggings are super affordable at forever21 ($3). I discovered this on YouTube and I had to try, I love them. I wore a similar look inspired by Kendall’s outfit (DIY post coming).

Classy, sophisticated super chic is how I would describe this look. Miranda Kerr is always dress this way and she inspires a lot of my looks. She is one supermodel that is truly inspiring.  White jeans are part of most people’s wardrobes so recreating this look won’t be that difficult.

Selena Gomez outfit consists of three main items since she doesn’t have a bag or anything. Nude pumps are also a staple in most of our wardrobes, although I couldn’t find some nice strappy ones like hers. I found these from Steve Madden, which are honestly comfortable to walk in because of the platform.

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