Places I want to Visit

Places I want to visit


Wouldn’t it be nice to go to France during Fashion Week? France is a place that is over hyped but I would still love to go. Take pictures near the Eiffel Tower or at different well-known places there. Also, try their food maybe not escargot because that just makes me hesitant a little. Although, if the time comes I would probably suck it up and try them. Also, having the opportunity of placing a “love lock” on that bridge. I don’t know why, but that just seems like its something everyone does when they go to France. We can’t forget about the shopping right? Shopping in France seems like it would a luxury (not really).

New York

I’ve always wanted to go to New York during New Years Eve because it seems like it would be so much fun; to ring in the new year at a place like this. A lot of people have this tradition of watching the T.V. when they ring in the New Year just to see the ball drop in Times Square. Times Square is just so beautiful, all the lights and skyline make that city look truly beautiful. Talk about fashion week in New York it would be amazing. Especially as a blogger it would be amazing to go because we put so much our time into blogging, its like the icing to the cake.


The food: different pastas to try and pizza. I think I’m more attracted to Italy by the food (lol). Although there are some places I would want to go, like: Sicily, Milan, Pompeii, Venice, Tuscany and not to mention Rome. These are like the most popular tourist attraction/places to visit. Ah, thinking about this makes me want to go on a trip already. The scenery is just so beautiful almost peaceful looking.


Some of the places I would want to visit during my stay in London would be: the London eye
Palace of Westminster, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and the London Bridge. The list could go on and on but these are just some of the places that in pictures really caught my eye. 

Do you live in one of these places?
Would you go to any of these places?
Thanks for reading dolls, until next time.

Xoxo dazzlemxo xo

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