Billboard Music Awards Fashion Hits and Misses

 Fashion Hits and Misses at the Billboard Music Awards. Nicki Minaj’s performance was by far my favorite; her second song she played literally is life.  Oh and also the new Taylor Swift video was all right; what I was more excited to see was Ellen Pompeo and Mariska Hargitay in the video. I just love how Taylor’s cats are named after their character on the TV show (ex. Ellen Pompeo=Meredith : Mariska Hargitay= Olivia).

But let’s get to the Fashion! Some of the looks were really great; nothing over the top that was like OMG that is amazing.

The Disappointments of the night

Miss matched shoes? Pom Poms?  Literally, what was this? This is just crazy and I… um… just going to leave this here for you and you can decide what you think…

Iggy Azalea
Honestly, I don’t think this outfit is that bad; I just don’t think it looks nice on her. Like her hair, shoes it just all looks poorly put together.

Kira Kazantsev
Yikes! What is this weird contraption that she has on? Maybe if her hair was worn down it might look a little better. Something about he colors I just don’t like.

Tacee Ellis Ross
Holy guacamole! This leather jumpsuit was a total disaster. The hair, makeup and how this outfit is styled are just not flattering.  Nope just nope is all I can say honestly.

Hits of the night!

Jennifer lopez
Jennifer looks hot! She can literally wear a paper bag and still make it look flawless. The dress fits her perfectly; her hair goes perfectly with this outfit. Lets not talk about the makeup because #flawless.

Kylie Jenner
At first, I was going to put her with the misses because of her belt. The belt just throws of the look for me. This dress just looks really chic and cute. I just think without he belt it would look way better; also if this look was paired with a different pair of shoes it would look a little nicer.
I know it sounds like a little negative review because I’m talking about changing everything. But I just really like the dress for some reason.

Lily Aldridge

Purple was color we see a lot that day. Honestly, almost everyone wearing this color looked phenomenal.  Lily looked fabulous as usual; like come on she is an Angel after all, right? (lol)

Martha Hunt
I just really love her outfit for some reason. The only thing the bugs me are her shoes and bag. Overall, love-love her outfit.

Olivia Culpo
This little romper looks great on her. I would have loved to see her hair in a ponytail or some loose waves because with her hair like this it just widens her face.  But overall, I love her outfit the sequins/beads just look amazing.

Thank you for reading doll, until next time!
I’m back now and y’all should expect more blog post coming soon dolls.

Who did you think was the best dressed?
Who did you think was the worst dressed?

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