Generation Beauty

Generation Beauty

Pass and Lanyard
I attended generation beauty and it was a lot of fun. I wasn’t originally going to go but I ended up going thanks to LA Girl cosmetics because I won some tickets.  Generation beauty is a unique beauty
experience that brings beauty, fashion, lifestyle bloggers and vloggers, but also just regular people who are interested in this stuff. Here you have an opportunity to network with brands and make new friends, which is amazing.

My Experience

So when we got there we had to go to the “attendee registration” so we could get our pass, lanyards and tote bags with boxed water. We had to make line for what seemed to be ages but it was only like 2hrs. From the outside the tent looked so small I thought we wouldn’t all fit inside, because from all the lines it just looked like a look of people. Everyone at the registration table were super nice even some of the other attendees.  Everyone was super friendly to us, because it was our first time there; a lot of them were giving us super great tips on how not to get overwhelmed.

Later, the doors opened and we were let in the event. All the booths were placed very strategically because you didn’t have to walk very much to get tangled up in another line. The pro about this is sometimes I would chat with people in the lines and we would talk all about beauty and how much fun this event was.  We had the opportunity to mingle with different brands and get to know other bloggers and You Tubers for a few hours. After that it was time to pick up that days gift bag, which contained a lot of beauty products from some of the companies that were there at this event. Some of the items were full size and there were some that were travel size.

After that we had the chance to go back and mingle for a few more hours and then the event was over for that day. The next day was basically the same only that the event ended early this day.

Overall, I would definitely go again to this event because it was a wonderful experience. It was great to mingle with brands and other bloggers (definitely bring your business cards).

Items to bring

Bring water
A notepad (to write down information that brands are saying)
Food (I can’t stress this one enough)
Blotting sheets or powder to freshen up
Body spray or perfume
Face mist (because it is really hot in there and your face will start to get cakey if you don’t have this)
Extra shoes!!!! (This has to be the most important one because if you are going to be wearing heels you are going to get tired. At this event a lot of girls were sitting down or walking funny because they were tired)
Money/credit card to purchase items and or food from food trucks

Did you attend Generation Beauty? Or will you attend next year?
Thank you for reading dolls, until next time.
Xoxo dazzlemxo xo

Goodie Bag of the day 
Ardell Lashes 

Clear Start Acne Treatment 

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation 
Tarte Lip Surgence and Be a Bombshell Lipgloss 

Sleek Hair Goodie Bag 

Soho Cosmetics Bag 

Tarte Lip Surgence
2 Crown Brushes
3 Soho Brushes
It Cosmetics Mascara
Better Than Sex Mascara
Smashbox Primer
Eye Liner
Chella Brow Highlight
Jouer Moisturizer, Primer

Jouer Goodie Bag  
Laneige BB Cushion
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation 

Bare Minerals
Be a Bombshell
Jouer Lipstick
It Cosmetics Lip Stick
Jouer Lipgloss  
Day One Goodies 

Pictures I took at the event. I took more but I didn't want to over load you with pictures. Keep scrolling if you want to see more. 

Michelle Phan in the blue dress 


  1. Replies
    1. Hello space of beauty,

      It was such a wonderful day. I really want to attend next year because I had so much fun.

  2. I've never attended--it looks like so much fun! Sounds like you made the most of it.

    Love that you included a few tips when attending. Can't tell you how many time's I've suffered from wearing the wrong heels...argh...


    1. Hello, Jessica Gonzalez

      It was such a wonderful day and I learned so much. You should really consider attending GenBeauty some time. They are in LA and NY so far.
      OMG the shoes was the hardest because, even though I took some shoes with no heel my feet were killing.