Makeup for Glasses

Makeup for Glasses

Glasses can be a pain that is why some people wear contacts. I only wear my glasses when I’m reading, on my computer or watching TV for long periods of time. Just because my eyes start to hurt
(get irritated and become red).

So when I am wearing my glasses I like to wear my eye makeup a certain way. For instance I added some lashes because it brings the look together/intensify it.  Also having a slight contour helps a lot because it gives your face dimension.

Below I have provided you with the products I used and why I used them.

Primer: Maybelline Baby Skin Primer
Prep the skin to give you a flawless finish; to blur out any fine lines and any visible pores.

Foundation: Too Faced Born this Way
To create a flawless base for your skin which will be one of your focal points. Since you are wearing glasses, people usually stare at your skin for a long time.

Cream Highlight & Contour: NYX Highlight Contour Palette
To highlight under your eyes and down your nose (and any other place you like to highlight.)
To contour cheekbones, hairline, jaw line and the sides of my nose because this gives your face a more structured look.

Powder Highlight: NYX banana powder
To set any highlighted areas of the face to insure the cream product doesn’t move around or crease.

Powder Contour: True Match Powder in Cocoa
To set any areas where you contoured to insure that the cream product doesn’t move around.

Blush: Elf blush kit (light)
To add a flush of color to your cheeks. Here I mixed the first shade and the last shade in this quad. (These colors are super pigmented)


Prime eyelids with a bit of concealer or eye shadow primer as you would normally would.

Eye shadow: The Nudes Palette

First shadow second row on lid, second row second shadow on crease and the black on the outer v. Same shades on the bottom lash line. 

Mascara: Hello Lashes by It cosmetics
This mascara does not weigh down your lashes what so ever. It is great as an everyday mascara but it is also amazing as a base for lashes.

Lashes: Ardell Wispies
These lashes are just amazing. Honestly they bring more attention to your eyes: sort of a more dramatic eye look.

Eye look with lashes 

Eyeliner: NYC Eyeliner
If you are going to use fake lashes then you need to apply a thin layer of liner to cover the lash band.

Apply lip balm before applying foundation, so your lips are moisturized and ready for any type of lipstick that you may want to wear.

Do you wear glasses? Or contacts? Or not at all?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
Xoxo Dazzlemxo

The Finished Look

Without lashes
Without lashes 

With lashes
With lashes 

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