Makeup No Makeup Look

Makeup No Makeup Look

We have all seen these videos on YouTube but lets be realistic here. When you are running late there is no way you have time to do a full face of makeup (if you can you are amazing). I don’t have time to follow the steps some of these beauty gurus give because they use so many different products.

Minimal products for a minimal face without taking a lot of time in the morning are something that am all for. Getting out the door fast but looking well put together is something that brings me such joy.  I know ten products might seem like a lot but in reality I only used each for like one thing or as a multi-use product.

Since I am not wearing foundation the first thing I do is apply a little bit of the NYX Dark circle corrector; to cancel out the darkness under my eye. This completely cancels out any darkness in seconds.

Fit me concealer on any other spots. Sort of spot concealing also since I did apply the dark circle corrector and its orange I apply this concealer over it too. Just to cover up the orange tint.

Just to make sure anything doesn’t crease apply some NYX finishing powder.

Milani Blush to add a little hint of color to my face. Nothing to big sometimes I even don’t apply it just because of the time restriction.

Hoola Bronzer to add a bit of definition. I have to apply a light coat of this to my cheeks to give my face some structure. I apply this relatively fast that I don’t see it as an extra step anymore.

Eyelash curler to open up my eyes and prep them for mascara.

Mascara to add more definition to my eyes and open them a bit more. If you don’t apply it the face just looks bland.

To add a bit of definition to my eyes I use a brown eye shadow in The Nudes Palette.

To make myself a bit more awake I apply a bit of nude eyeliner.

On the lips I apply a Wet-n-Wild lip liner and then apply a lipstick over it. To insure the lipstick wears better and doesn’t fade throughout the day.

…and then we are done. Super easy and once you get into the routine you start applying all these products faster.

What is your makeup no makeup routine?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
Xoxo dazzlemxo

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