Minimalist// Fall Fashion Must Haves

Minimalist// Fall fashion must haves

Fall? It still feels like summer here in California even though we are super close to the fall season. The temp still gets to boarder line 100 Fahrenheit! Ridicules, I know. I already want to wear my cozy warm clothes. Oversized sweaters, over the knee socks and long cardigans. That will have to wait a
little longer for us here in California.

Some of you might already be experiencing fall weather where you live so its only appropriate for me to start my fall fashion posts. Honestly, this has to be one of my favorite seasons just because it’s not too cold nor too hot. It’s just in between which is pleasant.  What’s the best part of the fall season you may ask? Well the fashion of course  (makeup too but that’s another post).

Here I have some of my fall fashion staples:


This is one of my most used staple item in my wardrobe during this time of season. Simply, it can be paired with almost anything to bring a little bit of warmth to the look. Without having you being sweaty since these can be light. I also love wearing knitted ones. Lets be exact here I love wearing knitted chunky ones the most.


Leggings or pants? That is the question (it’s a joke dolls). I love wearing leggings with oversized shirts and sweaters or even cardigans. Literally leggings go with everything and anything. Only one exception to that is that I personally like to pair them with items that are long enough that covers the ‘buttocks’.  For the tights I usually pair them with a dress when I want it to look a little bit more ‘sophisticated’.

Knee High Socks

Perfect when wearing a dress, shorts, skirts etc. I love to pair this with some long boots and only the top part of the sock is left showing. I think it looks really cute but simple. Or you can also pair with some loafers.

Long cardigans

Long cardigans are my ride or die item. I love these because I can throw on some leggings and a cardigan in the morning whenever I am running late in the morning (which is usually all the time).  Chunky or lightweight I love them all; but usually I stick to pattern free ones.


Did someone say boots? To be completely honest boots are like a secret obsession of mine. I love them and currently on the hunt for some others.  Usually, I’ll wear boots with everything but for the sake of this post I’ll give you an example. I will pair them with a dress that I already paired with knee-high socks. Or leggings with a cardigan paired with some boots. Jeans with some booties or even dresses.


Whenever you are running super late and you have to look put together this is a must. All you have to do is pair it with some tights and some booties, if it’s a little chilly add a cardigan or a jacket.  Add some loose curls or a ponytail and boom boom you are done.

What are your fall staples?
Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
Xoxo dazzlemxo

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