When The Acrylics Come Off

When The Acrylics Come Off

Yikes! Is the expression that I have when I remove my acrylics. They look ugly because my natural nails were starting to grow out; therefore, you were able to see the little line now. Not cool!  I guess if I would have gotten a refill they wouldn’t of looked that bad.

The change of color is necessary since it is technically ‘fall’. No more bright colors or pastels but bring on the dark colors.  This color here isn’t a vampy color but more of a transitional color. This color is from ZOYA in ‘NYSSA'.  It’s a ‘milk chocolate’ color, which is a stunning color that serves the purpose of a transition.  With one coat you get an even light color but with two coats you get a rich dark evenly distributed coat.

Plus, I’ve noticed with this color is that even if I don’t apply a base coat nor a topcoat, it doesn’t chip.  Well it doesn’t chip as easily as other nail polishes do.  This nail polish is priced at $9.

What nail polish are you wearing?
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