Fall// Cardigans

Fall// Cardigans

Cardigans and fall? Hello, yes please! I adore wearing long cardigans during this season. They are just so comfortable and literally can be worn with everything and anything.
You can find cardigans in almost every store this time of year. There are so many different lengths, fabrics and styles used to make them. So you can basically have a different one to wear with every outfit you pair.

One way that I usually pair my cardigans is with leggings. I love to wear them with a long t-shirt of some sort, a cardigan, scarf and some boots. Then boom boom you have an outfit and one that is every comfortable.  

What is you favorite clothing item during the fall?
Xoxo dazzlemxo

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  1. This reminds me I need to start shopping for some cute cardigans haha!!! I love leggings and boots so My fave essential for fall is boots all the way! I'm determined to buy me some cute rainboots!

    Jasmine :)