How to Survive the First Year of Uni

How to Survive First Year of Uni

Starting uni is like taking a breath of fresh air. You start to realize that people you were so close with aren’t really there anymore. The drama of high school stays behind (unless you still talk to everyone from high school). You meet new people and make friendships that will last a lifetime. (Or so we hope for). My first year of uni was tremendously exciting. I was so happy with all my classes (loads of homework). I was a full time student, which meant taking 12+ units. How did I survive?

1.     Picking classes carefully
Picking classes was hard just because a lot of the courses were already taken or all most full. See in order for you to get your ‘classes’ you have to wait till your ‘schedule time’ mine was pretty late since I was an underclassman. Here you really have to pick wisely. Don’t take classes you don’t really need.

2.    Talk to an advisor for your major
I always go talk to my advisor before picking any classes. Advisors guide you through the process and basically map out your 4 years of uni. They give you options just in case you don’t find the class you need, plus tell you what classes to avoid.

3.     Stay Organized
My first semester I didn’t use an agenda nor was I taking good notes. Which is my bad because this could have really helped. GET AN AGENDA! STAY ON TOP OF EVERYTHING!

4.   Procrastination
I should probably take my own advice here! I still seem to catch my self-procrastinating since I just started my 2nd year at UNI. If a paper is assigned 2 weeks before, start working on it during that time. Even though it’s on the syllabi sometimes you just ignore it.

5.    Books
Purchasing books can be such a drag sometimes. Because some classes list the book as required text when in fact we never open the book. Therefore, I research before purchasing/renting. I usually check Google, chegg, amazon and the bookstores.

6.    Study Groups
You don’t need them in all your classes but you should try to form a group in some classes you are having trouble with. I had a couple of groups, of though with some we did ‘group chats’ in order to get information (technology is awesome).

7.    Staying Motivated
Motivation is something you are bound to lose because you are going to get overwhelmed. Try to write little quotes on your notebooks, homework etc. Somewhere you look at everyday so you can remember why you are doing what you are doing. I find this to be the most useful thing and it works at times. You can change the motivation quote/saying each day week.

8.    Disconnecting From Social Media
Disconnecting is important especially from social media. For instance sometimes when you are constantly on social media you start to desire what someone else has. To be realistic that is not healthy at all. That can actually cause some mental issues and other things. This is why sometimes when I’m super stressed out I just try to log off.

9.    Communicating
This is super important especially during your first year. For one, you are new to the school and are not familiar with anything (procedures etc.). Whenever you don’t know something or don’t understand something it is really easy to find help. All you have to do is ask for it.

10. Distress
Spa Time? Yes, yes, and yes! Friday’s are usually a day to myself since I don’t have class. I take full advantage. Run errands in the morning and then come home and change into comfy clothes. Apply a facemask, hair mask, and do my nails etc.

Are you in Uni? If so, what are your tips?
Xoxo dazzlemxo

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