Blogmas Day 24: A White Christmas

A White Christmas

Oh how I wish it were a white Christmas! I have never experienced a white Christmas because it doesn’t snow here where I live. Which if you have ever experience one I am completely jealous. I’ve never even been to the snow, which is crazy because there is, one place near where it snows. However, where I live it just gets cold but nothing too crazy like in other places.  I mean this winter it is really cold and a little wet since it has been raining a little. Which to us here in California is amazing because of the drought we are going through.

Any ways I’ve always wanted to be somewhere where it snows on Christmas because you can make snow angels or a snowman. Or to have a snowball fight with the family, that would be awesome.  Making some amazing hot chocolate with marshmallows and some whip cream. While in some Christmas pajamas all while watching some Christmas movies.  This all-sounds a bit cheesy right? Yet, that is how it appears in the movies when I watch them. So I don’t know what else you would do other than that.

If you live somewhere where it snows all the time you are probably thinking that I’m insane or something like that. I’m not, I promise! I just really want it to snow on Christmas! Maybe one day I’ll travel somewhere where it snows during the holidays.

Yay for blogmas day 24! Did you read blogmas day 23?

Do you live somewhere where it snows?
Is it as fun as it appears on TV or movies?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time

Xoxo dazzlemxo

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