Palette: Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution Blush Palette

This blush palette was the hardest makeup product to find, seriously! Normally finding a makeup product isn’t that hard but since this makeup line was only sold exclusive Ulta beauty stores; it took longer for me to purchase it. I originally wanted to purchase this in store but ended up buying online. I have been wanting to try this brand for the longest and now that we can buy Makeup Revolution here in the states (in limited places and with limited products) its so exciting.

However, with this brand coming to the states we do only have a few products we can try. I would think this is because they are testing the waters with their products here first. So, this is the first product I have purchased and tried.

The palette its self comes in a very sleek black hard packaging. Normally palettes come in that cardboard box with a magnetic strip but this is different. Personally, I love this packaging because it is really sturdy and I don’t have to worry about it breaking that easy.  Oh, and there is a huge mirror inside which is great for travel.

With this blush palette you are getting 8 different shades ranging from neutrals, pinks and all the way to peaches and baked blushes. This collection of blushes can be described as rustic or ‘spicy’ as it says on the website. An interesting thing is that you can use each blush individually or combine a couple to create different shades.

Now pigmentation and duration of product…

I normally wear Mac blushes or Benefit blushes, which are super, pigmented and the color lasts well over 6 hours. Now, with these blushes I did notice that after a couple of hours the color was less noticeable: than when first applied. Hey, but that happens with a lot of products. For the price point of this palette I don’t mind that the color duration doesn’t last but pigmentation wise it is phenomenal.

All the colors are extremely pigmented as you can see from the swatches. Even the last two shades from the palette, which I use as, blush toppers. Since, they are baked and give a beautiful glow to the skin. However, the rest of the shades I will normally mix two of three shades to make my ideal shade. Yet, sometimes I will wear only one shade and it is still very beautiful.

Overall thoughts…

For the price point of the palette which is $10: I would totes recommend this. Look at the pigmentation of the palette and tell me it’s not worth it (which it is worth it).  All shades are extremely pigmented and last a decent amount of time.

I would totally recommend trying out this palette in either Hot Spice or Sugar & Spice. Or even some of the other products in this line since they are super affordable. I know I will be looking into trying out different products like the Ultra bronze palette and Ultra cover & concealer palette soon.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution products?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
Xoxo dazzlemxo

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