Is it worth it? Wet n Wild Palette

Comfort Zone Palette

The most hyped up drugstore palette other than the Maybelline The Nudes palette. I would totes agree that this palette has to be hands down one of the best ones. The pigmentation is superior to anything that I have tried from the drugstore. That being a $4.99 palette is insane. Wet n Wild is known for affordable yet quality makeup (not everything though).

I love how such an inexpensive brand can have such quality makeup products, especially eyeshadows. Since the drugstore lacks in quality eyeshadows. However, this palette comes with 8 different shadows that range from light to dark. Shimmer, matte and a duo chrome eyeshadow. Lets be honest here for a second and say that I only purchased this palette because of that duo chrome eyeshadow.

The Review

This was definitely a YouTube made me buy it purchase. After seeing this palette being raved on different social media platforms I decided to give it a go. What I discovered was actually pretty insane. First, fallout was expected and it did happen but that is okay. I mean the shadow is so pigmented that fallout was expected. A lot of these shadows could be potential dupes for high end ones. For instance, the duo chrome shadow is a dupe for that one Urban Decay duo chrome (Lounge) one that everyone was raving about at one point.

Duration of the shadows is around 6+ hours. If you wear a good primer you should be good for more time, since I only use concealer as a primer. I do notice that it doesn’t last as long as if I were to wear an eye primer.

Scent: Nothing that I can smell

Cons: The packaging is very flimsy! I would recommend depoting these into a Z palette if you plan on traveling with this. Also, the green shadow is pretty much rubbish compared to the rest.

Have you tried this palette?
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