The Forgotten Products

The Forgotten Products

Lately, I have been going through my makeup collection and getting rid of stuff that I just haven’t used in along long while. When I was doing this I found some products that I had totes forgot I even owned. Some of these products I remember blogging about but since I’ve purchased more and more I tend to forget what I already owned.

I mean don’t get me wrong I do use most of my stuff but sometimes I get a products that are super similar to something I already have. Really I don’t know why I do that but I guess just to compare what is out there with what I already have.  Here are some of the products that I have rediscovered in that little makeup cleanse.

I remember purchasing this version instead of the Mac cosmetics one just because it was less expensive. Since the Mac one is like $40 and this one is less than $15. Or even cheaper if you use a coupon because it is a drugstore product. The consistency of this product is thick but usually I will mix in a tiny amount of face oil; this will thin it out a bit. Also, it like revives the palette, if the product is too dry which happens a lot.  Now that I have rediscovered this product I need to try and use it up before it expires. Let’s be honest I probably won’t finish the whole thing before that happens but that is totes okay.

The $3 blushes that were really hard to find. I only own about 4 of these because the other colors I just couldn’t get my hands on. They are always sold out whenever I go to the store so that is that. These blushes are great for the price but the pigmentation is lacking; you have to literally pack on a lot to get a good color pay off. I would say just get the blush palettes which come with 4 blushes. Those are extremely pigmented and I love them! Plus they are only $6! Now I probably will still use this occasionally since I have it; but I probably won’t purchase any others because I just have a lot of blusher that need some attention.

Mac Wonder Women

I didn’t even remember having this product, like at all. It did shatter one time and I put it back together with rubbing alcohol but I just never used it. Keeping it for collector purposes I guess.

Oh this brush is amazing! All Elf brushes are amazing, since they were the first brushes I ever used.

I got this at Gen Beauty last year and it was great when used with the NYX cream palette. Or to use to blend out an eye primer with because of the shape of the brush.

Literally, best pigmentation for an inexpensive drugstore makeup brand. I ended up depotting some of the shades that I found that I wanted to use more. The rest suffered some damage and I couldn’t fix them. If you are looking for inexpensive eye shadows wet n wild palette are the way to go.

These shadows are okay but I prefer the Wet n Wild ones. Even though both brands are basically the same I prefer the formulation and pigmentation of the others.

I literally got this trio palette for $1 and I couldn’t be happier with this. When I first got it I used it like almost everyday but since I started getting more eye shadow palettes I just forgot I had it. Now that I found it that copper shade is amazing.

This lipstick I also got at Gen Beauty last year and as you can see I got a lot of use out of it. The shade is just one that I wear a lot.

As you can tell I also got these two lipsticks from Gen Beauty and I love how these two apply.

What products have you rediscovered? Anything that you have thrown out?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
Xoxo dazzlemxo

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