To try: L'Oreal Infallible EyeShadow

L’Oreal Infallible Eye shadow

If you don’t already have some of these eye shadows you are definitely missing out. Look at those swatches and tell me “you don’t need them.” I tried to tell myself that but surely that didn’t work.  Well after passing through the L’Oreal section of my local drugstore constantly month after month: I took the plunge. However, yes, I only got two because those were the only shade that I actually thought I would wear constantly. Plus, the other shades were darker or “brighter”. Not my cup of tea.

Instead, I settled for these two shades for my collection and I am very pleased with them. The two colors I have are Amber Rush and Iced Latte:

Amber Rush

The color itself looks like a copper with a tiny bit of pink. Sort of like a rose gold but more copper than rosy.  If you look at the swatch you can see that it was just one swipe. No primer no base! Nothing. This color is perfect as an all over lid shade.

Iced Latte

I would describe this as a very soft white with a tad bit of gold reflections. Constantly, wearing this in the inner corner to brighten up my eyes. Or I pat this all over the lid for a very goddess type of look.

The Review

Texture:  Have you ever tried anything from colorpop? If you have then you know the cushion feel they have. When you press down on the product you get the best pigmentation rather than if you swipe it. Swiping it makes it look patchy and you will strongly dislike it if apply it that way.

Duration: This will literally last the whole day although not as pigmented as when first applied.

Scent: None that I could detect. Or that bothered me that is.

On other note: these little eye shadow pots are amazing. Plus you just want to make sure you close it tight so it doesn’t dry out. Even if it does you could but some eye drops or the little cosmetics drops that refreshes your eyeliner. Then it’s like new once again.  You can also layer the eye shadows and they still apply great on top of each other. Just make sure you pat and not swipe on the color.

Personally, I actually liked these little pots of color. L’Oreal has tons of shades to pick from but I went with colors that I would wear on an everyday basis. In order for me to use them more, you know?  These pots are sold at literally almost every drugstore that carries L’Oreal products; well at least here in the states.  The only negative thing I would say is the price for one is a bit high for a drugstore. However, L’Oreal is known for always having ridiculous prices at the drugstore but at least the products works great. Also, sometimes the drugstore will have awesome deals that go with certain brands; that is always a plus.

Have you tried any of these eye shadows?  If so, which ones?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time

Xoxo dazzlemxo

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