Dupes Edition #2: Cheeks

The Cheeks Dupes

Oh how the time has passed by. I would be lying if I told you I hadn’t forgotten about this series on my blog. Now I that I remembered I will get back on track with this little series because it is extremely helpful. At least for me I like to find dupes for products because I’d rather spend less if it is the same. For one, why on earth would I want to spend so much money on certain products if I can find a dupe for that exact product somewhere else? It makes no sense, right?

Now, I already have posted an eyes dupe where I had dupes for Channel and other brands. So I thought of doing a different category this time around and decided to do a cheeks one. A lot of these products are insanely inexpensive compared to the high end ones. They are almost identical in color and texture is a little off on some but just a little.

Let’s get started…

Revlon Photo ready cream Blush ‘Flushed’ $12.99
Stila Convertible color ‘poppy’ $25

Revlon Photo ready cream blush ‘pinched
Stila Convertible color ‘Gladiola’

NYX Cream Blush  boho chic’
Laura Mercier Crème cheek color ‘rosebud’, $26

Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush ‘Coral Reef’ $12.99
Laura Mercier ‘Sunrise Blush’ $26

Elf HD Blush ‘superstar’ $3
YSL Babydoll ‘kiss’ ‘blush’ $40

NYX Cream Blush ‘boho chic’ $5.99
Nars Matte Multiple ‘anguilla’ $39

NYX cream blush ‘soft orange’ $5.99
Nars Matte Multiple ‘ Exumas’ $39

What are some of your favorite dupes?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
Xoxo dazzlemxo

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