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Skincare to ensure every makeup application goes on smoothly and flawlessly. It is extremely important to have a good skincare regimen if you want your skin to look amazing. Trust me when I say that before I could care less about skincare. Now that I’m actually taking care of my face I can see a huge difference: that being with texture and a difference with spots.  

What are some of my favorite products?
Well let’s get straight to it…

Face Oil

I know you know by now that I have oily skin. I know, why I’m I putting more oil on my face? Well that’s because this oil is a lot different than the other ones I have tried. This one doesn’t clog my pores (don’t use more than recommended). This product is amazing because it brightens up the face and gives it a smoother looking appearance. Plus, it is infused with vitamin c that helps with the brightening of the skin. It also helps with anti-aging while providing instant hydration from the moment you first apply it. I use this after my moisturizer only at nighttime. Sometimes instead of moisturizer I will just apply this on my face and neck.  Again only at night because it just doesn’t sit well with my makeup during the day since it makes me extra oily. Love it at night!


Even if I apply face oil I don’t wear it during the day. I have to apply a moisturizer everyday in the morning after washing my face. Just so my skin is nice and hydrated. Also, so my makeup doesn’t look weird or patchy when I’m applying it. This moisturizer is meant for people with combination to oily skin, which is perfect for me.  This gel formula leaves the skin hydrated without clogging your pores; plus it is super lightweight.

Zit Cream

The name is awful I know; but it’s the truth. Let’s be honest and say we own or have owned one before. If you haven’t you are very, very lucky. Lately, I’ve been loving the Mario badescu drying lotion and Neutrogena rapid clear spot gel. These are absolutely my ride or die products; since they truly work for me. I’ve been using them constantly for a while now.

These are three items (well four) that cannot be missing from my skincare routine. They are my safe zone and even if I try new things I have yet to find something that works as great.

What are some of your skincare staples?

Thank you for reading doll, until next time

Xoxo dazzlemxo

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