Discount codes

Discount codes


Indicov (watch I’ve been raving about): Code: #TheEdit for 10% off

Ebates: Sign up and get $10 back using my link.
Poshmark: Sign up with code GVCQR to get $5 off your first order.


Jouer code: RSG15OFF for 15% off
Sigma code: Michelle for 10% off
Morphe code: readyset for 10% off
Ofra code: Michelle for 30% off
Ittse code: RSGLAMOUR20 for 20% off


Ofra code: Mannymua for 30% off
Sigma code: Mannymua for 10% off
Morphe code: MANNYMUA for 10%off
Gerard cosmetics code: Mannymua for 35% off code: Mannylip on 3 lipstick bundle pack making it $30 code: Manny4you for 45% off on the ‘just for you’ bundle
Nubounsom lashes code: MANNYMUA for 20% off


Pagan Marie code: Shaaanxo for 10% off
Makeup store code: Shaaanxo for 15% off
IHerb code: QMH705 for $5 off

Lauren Curtis

Sigma code: LAUREN for 10% off
Makeup store code: LaurenCurtis for 15% off
Velour lashes code: LAURENVELOUR for 15% off

Amy Macedo

Sigma code: AmyMacedo for 10% off
Esqido lashes code: AMYESQIDO for 10% off
Loving Tan code: amymacedo for free exfoliating mitt
Vanity Planet Mini Pro $360 Facial Cleansing brush code: Mini7AM for it for $45

Beauty Bird

Sigma code: BIRDY for 10% off
Morphe code: BIRDY for 10% off
Vita Goods Spin for the perfect skin code: BIRDY for 70% off
Gerard cosmetics code: BEAUTYYBIRD for 25% off
Bellami Hair extension code: BEAUTYYBIRD5 for $5 off
Nume code: YASMIN2015 FOR 40% off + free shipping
Nume code: PRETTYFLOWERS white truffle hair care for 50% off
Bellami Curler set 6 in 1 $160 off code: BEAUTYYBIRD160

Jaclyn Hill

Elcie cosmetics code: Jaclyn10
Morphe code: JACATTACK
Sigma code: JACLYN for 10% off
Bellami hair code: Jaclyn for $5 off
Bellami hot tools code: jaclyn160 or code: jaclyn70 for $70 off the straightening iron
Velour lashes code: JACLYNVELOUR for 15% off
Flutter lashes code: JH15OFF for 15% off

Allana Davison

The truth beauty company code: ALLANA for 15% off
Ofra code: allanaramaa for 30% off
Feel unique code: ALDF10 for 10% off
Sigma code: Allana for 10% off


Ofra code: Kathleen30 for 30% off
Morphe code: Kathleenlights for 10% off

Christen Dominique

Nume code: CHRISTENFORNUME for $49 + Free Shipping on any curling wand
Nume code: CHRISTENDOMINIQUE for any set for $89 + Free Shipping

Laura Lee

Morphe code:LauraLee for 10% off
Sigma code: LAURASIGMA for 10% off
Bellami hair code: LauraLee

Dulce Candy

Sigma code: DULCECANDY for 10% off

Kayleigh Noelle

Luxy hair code: LUXYKAY for $5 off
Sigma code: SIGMA2016 for 10% off
Nume  $99 Lustrum + all sets for $150 off code: KAYSUMMER
Nume code: KAYLOVE50
Whitening Lighting code: foreveryours for 70% off
Velour Lashes code: KAYVELOUR FOR 15% off
Esqido lashes code: KAYLOVE for 10% off

Patrick Starrr

Gerard cosmetics code: PSSmile
Morphe code: PSTARRR for 10% off
Sigma code: patrickstarrr for 10% off
Blinking beaute mink lashes code: PS10 for 10% off
Teeth Whitening code: PSCombo
2 whitening lightening pens code: PS20
Gerard cosmetics code: patrickstarrr for 25% off

Leslie Alvarado

Sigma code: LESLIESIGMA for 10% off
Luxy hair code: LUXYLESLIE for $5 off
Sacha cosmetics code: LESLIEI for 15% off
Gerard cosmetics code: Les25 for 25% off

Nikkie Tutorials

Coloured Raine code: Nikkie1
Morphe code: Nikkie

Carli Bybel

Sigma code: CARLI10 for 10% off
Bellami hair code: Carlibel55

Nicole Guerriero

bellami hair code: NIC5 for $5 off or code: Nicolehot for 6 in 1 curler $160 off
Million dollar tan code: NICTAN 15% off everything
Whitening lightning code: NIC25 for 25% off
Sigma code: NICOLE10 for 10% off

If you want to save a little money when you are shopping for new makeup or tools I hope you enjoyed these codes.

 Do you watch any of these makeup gurus?
Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
xoxo dazzlemxo

* None of these gurus know that I made this post nor do the companies, so I get nothing in return for doing it * I just thought it would be a nice idea to have them all in one place…

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