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Makeup Expiration Dates

When we have loads of open mascaras or other makeup products all at once but you only use one of them the most. You noticed they all start to dry up and then it’s time to get rid of them. So knowing
how long your makeup product it good for is an essential for any makeup lover. Lets also remember not to have so many of the same type of products open because they will go bad all at once and then that will hurt our wallets when we have to repurchase them.

So for this I will let you know when your mascara, foundation, concealer, lipsticks, powders both in cream of liquid formulas last.  I find that having a list like this somewhere, as a hard copy is great to reference when you are not so sure about a product.

The list…

2-3 months
Once it starts to get clumpy or smells weird you should probably toss it.

Foundation & Concealer
6-12 months
Once you noticed it has started to separate you should toss it or if it starts to develop a funky scent.

Lipstick & Lip Gloss
2 years lipstick
1 year for gloss
If it starts to smell off or starts looking weird you should toss it. By weird I mean if it starts to change color or if it starts to separate.

Nail polish
1-2 years
Nail polish can be tricky because once it starts to separate you could shake it back together but once it doesn’t’ go back you know its time to get rid of it.

2 years
Once they become dry and flaky say bye to it.

Eye shadow
2 years
Eye shadow can last for a long time but usually it will be around 2 years but if the color and formula hasn’t changed then you could still use it.

2 years
Same as shadow just make sure to clean them, as in sanitize them after some time and clean the containers you keep them in.

8 years
If it starts to smells different or becomes lighter in color toss it. Prolong the life of your fragrance by keeping them out of the sun. Store them away from direct sun light and they will last a long time.

2 years
Once the color or scent has changed you should get rid of it, as you don’t want to use expired lotion. Also, lotion usually has an expiration date on the bottle so just check your bottle.

Cream shadows
12 months
Once it starts to get clumpy and hard to use plus it looks completely different from when originally purchased it you definitely should get rid of it.

Cream blushes
12 months
 Basically, the same thing as the cream shadows but also make sure you are cleaning your brushes regularly so bacteria doesn’t spread.

Pencil eyeliner
2 years
Important note: don’t share your eyeliners with other people as this can cause eye infections. So make sure you sanitize your pencil and don’t keep them for too long.

Liquid and gel eyeliner
3 months
Liquid and gel tend to dry up quicker than other eyeliners but can be easily revived. 

Do you know of any other makeup products that I didn’t mention?
I hope this list has helped you sort through your makeup collection.

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time

xoxo dazzlemxo

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