Travel Destinations

Travel Destinations

When you think of places to visit in your time, what are some places you would want to visit? When I was asked this question the first time I can up with these places. These places are places that I would love to visit sometime in the near future. These places are somewhat of travel goals that I honestly
hope that I do visit. I know I have done a previous post a little similar to this one but some of the places have changed. Although, there are like a few that have remained the same.

I’ve seen pictures of a couple of these places and I honestly can’t wait to take my own pictures and have the chance to explore these places. So with that I should probably start saving up.

1.         London, United Kingdom
2.         Paris, France
3.         Prague, Czech Republic
4.         Rome, Italy
5.         Barcelona, Spain
6.         Amsterdam, The Netherlands
7.         Sydney, Australia
8.         Bora Bora
9.         Toronto, Canada
10.      Dublin, Ireland

Do you live in any of these places? Have you visited any of these places? What places should I add to this list?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time

xoxo dazzlemxo


  1. I lived and studied in London last year and its great city to feel free in! Paris is one you must visit its so pretty - heres my travel diary about it if you want my persuasion to go there haha

    Shannice Alice x

    1. I've considered studying abroad but I always just forget about it. I will definitely check out your post, I love reading and looking at the pictures to these posts.

      xoxo Maria

  2. I live in the Netherlands so I've been to Amsterdam very often. I've also recently spent a day in London which was fun. And are going to PAris for the third time this November! But I have so many other places on my wanderlust list, like: New York, Marrakech, Lisbon and so many more amazing places!


    1. That sounds lovely doll. I hope one day I can travel as much.
      I really want to go to Paris or New York.

      xo Maria