A Blogtober Roundup

A Blogtober Recap

Blogtober was so much fun but it finally came to an end. As much as I loved it I’m glad its over. I just have so much going on with school so balancing it all is hard.
Here are all the blog posts that I have posted throughout this month. Some days I recycled older posts and made them a little better and reposted them. That however, only happened about three times. The rest were new and I noticed you all really loved them.

Saturday 1: Makeup I travel with
Sunday 2: Daily Makeup Bag
Monday 3: New in Beauty
Tuesday 4: Hulu v. Netflix
Wednesday 5: Catrice Highlighter
Thursday 6: A Simple Playlist for Blogging
Friday 7: A Blog Round Up
Saturday 8: A Fashion Wishlist
Sunday 9: September Favorites
Monday 10: Makeup I Travel with Re-post
Tuesday 11: it Cosmetics Update
Wednesday 12: Blogging Ideas
Thursday 13: No new post
Friday 14: Foodie Instagram Accounts
Saturday 15: Sephora favorites Beauty Sleep
Sunday 16: Sephora Favorites Soko Tokyo
Monday 17: Tea Tree Oil
Tuesday18: New in beauty
Wednesday 19: An Origins Eye Cream
Thursday 20: Urban Decay Lipsticks
Friday 21: New Brands at Sephora
Saturday 22: 15 Products under $10
Sunday 23: First Impressions: Tartelette in Bloom
Monday 24: No New Post
Tuesday 25: Daily Makeup Bag
Wednesday 26: Products to Test Out
Thursday 27: Hair Care
Friday 28: No New Post
Saturday 29: Travel Destinations
Sunday 30: No New Post
Monday 31: Blogtober Roundup

Did you enjoy reading these blog posts?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
xoxo Maria


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