#blogtober Netflix v. Hulu

Hulu v. Netflix

Do you have a Netflix account? Or maybe even a Hulu account?  As someone who has both I would say there are a lot of similarities between both which make it hard to pick one or the other. I tend to not watch TV as much because I have both of these but if I find something current I will try to catch it on TV. This is a good way of finding new shows or rediscovering old ones.


Lots of different shows that aren’t on Netflix and it also has more movies. It also has Telenovelas, which Netflix doesn’t really have. Plus, items stay on longer than they do on Netflix.

Some of the shows that I’ve watched include:
-Designated Survivor
-Law and Order: SVU
-The Last Ship

Some of the networks that are provided:
Fox, comedy central, ABC, NBC, Cartoon Network, CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, Hulu originals, Showtime, FX fearless, TNT, Bravo, A&E, ID investigate, National Geographic Chanel, ABC News, TLC, BBC America, CNBC, BET, Syfy, Animal Planet, AMC, ESPN, Lifetime, FX, History, E, Discovery, Univision, Freeform, Starz, TBS, NBC News, CMT, MSNBC, etc.

Genres Movies and TV
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Anime, Arts & Culture, Classics, Comedy, Documentaries, drama, family, food, health & wellness, Horror & Suspense, international, kids, Korean drama, Latino LGBT, lifestyle, music, new & information, reality & game shows, science fiction, sports, teen, video games.

Showtime $7.99

No commercials $4/monthly
total: $11.99


Some of the shows that I love
-The Fosters
-Friday Night Lights

Netflix has more TV Shows that I like and actually watch. Also, very good selections of movies but the expiration dates are to close to each other.

Action, documentaries, international, sports, anime, dramas, music, talk shows, children & family, faith & spirituality, musicals, thrillers, classics, gay & lesbian, romance, comedies, horror, sci-fi & fantasy

2 device screens
4 device screens + Ultra HD $11.99

DVD Plan

Overall. hard to chose one from the other because one a lot more to watch but I wish it had more show and movies that I would like. The other does have more shows that I love but I wish they didn’t expire.

Are you a subscriber to any of these? Which one? Do you have a favorite?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
xoxo Maria


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