A well deserved update

Update for the New Year

Hello dolls! As you may have noticed I missed a few days of my 12 days of Christmas, which kind of upsetting.  I was also super busy with finals, which took a lot of time to prep for. Also, projects and presentations for school took a lot of my time. For me it is important that I had enough time to prepare for schoolwork that I put blogging to the side.
Now that I have a break from uni you will be getting more posts for me. Starting January you should expect 3 posts per week or 2 posts depending how busy I am. Blogging schedule should be Monday, Wednesday and Friday if it’s a 3-post week. If it’s a 2-post week the schedule will be Monday and Wednesday. If by any chance I don’t or can’t post on a scheduled day I will let you know on Twitter (@themariaedit).

Updates to come if anything comes up.

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
xoxo Maria


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