Prepping for Exams

Prepping for Exams

Oh jolly! The prepping for exams begins during last week of September through October. Then a little break and back to prepping come end of November through December. I’ve tried not to get stressed out about exams because being stressed out doesn’t help at all.

I’ve made it a priority to take really good notes during lectures. Do my readings before the lectures so I know what will be discussed that day.
Now I’ve decided to share with you some of the ways I prep for exams.

Pre- lectures: Do readings
Readings are important. I’ve realized that when I actually do my readings I tend to understand the material being presented. I also take notes while I read. I’ll write any questions I may have and then ask them during class.

During lectures I like to take notes. Normally, depending on what I read in my readings and I’ll just add more information to what I already have. This reinforces what I already learned and what I should study.

One of the most important forms of study material are notes. I like to highlight and make them look nice and I think that helps. Depending on how big the lectures were on a specific material will then eventually determine the amount of notes I will have.

Study Guides
Most professors will provide students with a list of questions that could be on the test. Then we just answers them and study them. However, when a study guide isn’t provided you just have to make your own.

Pens and highlighting
I’ll usually write with colorful pens so my notes aren’t boring. It just helps that they are all different colors sometimes. Highlighting the titles or terms is also a great way to remember important info.

Study Time
When it comes to actually sitting down to study it can become really annoying and boring. However, you have to study in order to remember the information and get a good score.
I try and study whenever I have breaks in between classes and anytime in between that.  Plus leading up to exams I’ll spend more time studying.
I can spend anywhere from 1-2 hours daily for one class and I’ll divide time throughout the day for that. For the most part I like to evenly spread my study time throughout the weeks so I’m not cramming the night before because that does no good.
I enjoy listening to music while studying and when I take little breaks, I will be on social media. For the most part I’ll play stations like ‘Dallas String Quartet’ on Pandora.
Snacks are also something that I have to have. I like to eat carrots, raisins or grapes when I’m studying.

What are your study tips? What do you do when you are studying?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
xoxo Maria


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