A New Color Corrector

 Tarte Colored Clay CC

Undereye Corrector

Color correctors have been raved by and produced by companies and influencers. Although I never actually thought I could care about them as I do now. With school and all the work I tend to sleep late and wake up early. Not even the
coffee can keep me up at times.
This is why I started to look into peachy undereye correctors. They have been a lifesaver these past few weeks. Now I recently purchased this one and have been using it almost everyday.
            It is supposed to be great for discoloration, dark circles and pigmentation. The formula is lightweight, blendable and gives you a brightening look.
            On the website it says to use a brush to blend or a beauty sponge however, I prefer to use my ring finger.  The warmth of my finger blends it out smoothly almost like it melts the product into the skin.
Plus the packaging is super cute and not bulky. This makes it great for traveling and packing in a makeup bag.

Retails: $24

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
xo Maria


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