January Favorites

January Favorites

The first favorites are always a little exciting. Depending on what I was using toward the end
of last year will usually be in my favorites. For starters this New Year I haven’t been testing out a lot of new products.
I did however, have a few favorites and just one disappointing product.


Sephora Sleeping Mask
(Not pictured)
I liked how my skin felt in the morning because it was soft and it also had a little glow to it. Plus this mask is affordable and is not a one-time use product. I can get a couple uses but you just have to keep it sealed up somewhere so nothing gets in or out.

Elf Blush Palette
This palette I already owned but rediscovered in my collection. Super affordable and highly pigmented just use a light hand with it.

First Aid Beauty Eye Cream
I purchased this balm this month because my under eyes were a little dry. This balm is mind-blowing and amazing, plus super hydrating. Plus you only use a little amount so it will last a while.

 NYX Full Coverage Concealer
           This concealer is full coverage and covers up all my blemishes. It is also super easy to blend and layer underneath other products.

Purity Face Wash
It took me a long time to actually get this because of previous reviews. I’m not sure what those people were reviewing because it sure does not seem like it was this one. I find this doesn’t strip my face, leave me feeling squeaky clean or dry.

Blogging Agenda
I found this agenda at Marshalls. They have really cute stationary, amazing prices and I only use this one to plan and schedule post.

Disappointing products

Maybelline The Rocket Mascara
(Not pictured)
This mascara was so disappointing because I think the formulation changed. I used to love this mascara in the waterproof formula but this tube was not the same thing. I was actually really disappointed in this because it used to be a holy grail mascara of mine.  

What products made it to your favorites list this past month?
Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
xo Maria


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