L'Oreal Infallible Lip Paints

Infallible Lip Paints

When I saw these lip paints I had to make sure that I at least got to try one. This was easier
said then done just because they were sold out in the shades that I seemed to like.
Before I actually saw people unboxing the PR packages sent to them, I thought these were a squeeze tube that I don’t like very much. However, they are not like that and they actually have a wand, which is greatly appreciated.

The wand itself has a curve that is perfect for a perfect application. The formulation is a little sticky for my taste. I mean this is more of a gloss/semi matte formula. It never dries completely down, which I started to actually like because it doesn’t dry my lips.  I’m not sure exactly what it is about it but I love it either way.

A con is that you do have to line your lips before you apply this just because it smears. They are highly pigmented but easy to use.
The shade that I got was 314 Spicy Blush and it’s a beautiful pinky color. I actually expected the color to be a little different than the packaging.
Overall, I think the product is good for the price but I wouldn’t purchase anymore based solely on the shade selection available.

Have you tried any of these lip paints?

Thank you for reading doll, until next time
xo Maria


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