Blogging Tips: Photography Backgrounds/Props

Blogging tips

 Photography Backgrounds/Props

All those pretty pictures you see on someone’s blog or Instagram probably have a story behind them. It either took loads of planning, editing and some props or backgrounds. The most
common blogger background are the white or marble backgrounds. Almost everyone uses them and if they don’t physically have them they will Photoshop them into their pictures but that is difficulty to achieve if you don’t have some knowledge of Photoshop.
I decided to create a list because lists make everything better and easier…

 1.        White Background
I purchase my white poster board from a local dollar store. I love these poster boards because you can get different colors and they are super affordable.

2.            Marble Background
Marble backgrounds are something every blogger has used at least once. I got one on Amazon for $7.

3.            Color Paper
Colored paper can be used to add a pop of color or layer with other products.

4.            Coasters
Coasters are something that bloggers have been using a lot of lately. Everyone or almost everyone has those anthropologie ones. They are beautiful and I have yet to purchase them but I have these pink ones that I got at Marshalls.

5.            Plants
Sometimes I’ll use plants in my pictures but that is very rarely. My plants tend not to last for a long time. Buying fake flowers can also be something to look into.

6.            Candles
I use diptyque candles in my pictures a lot. It’s just something nice to look at and photograph.

7.            Twinkle Lights
These lights are an essential specially during the holidays and I got my at Marshalls on sale for $3. What a steal right?

8.            Books
Books specially the Girl Boss one are an essential to every blogger. Literally I feel like everyone has this book and I know I purchased it because of that. I did however read it and I did think it was a nice read.

   9.              Magazines
They look cool and add color to the picture. Plus it just looks cool to have them on there. Usually you would stack books on top of the magazine and then have something on the book. It just looks interesting even if you don’t have other props to use.

    10. Makeup
Makeup products are cool to look at and are intriguing plus very eye pleasing.  Beauty bloggers do this all the time. We place the product that we are usually blogging about in the middle and then have all these other products in the background a little blurred out.

After doing a poll on Twitter you dolls really wanted me to do a Blogger Tips type of series on my blog. I think this will be a good way to help out new bloggers or bloggers that just need a little push. Blogging doesn’t have to be expensive and backgrounds are something you definitely don’t have to splurge on. I personally purchase some of these backgrounds at a local dollar store.

What do you use as backgrounds or props?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
xo Maria


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