The Anti-Haul: Beauty Edition


An Anti-Haul

What in the world is an anti-haul? I asked myself that exact question when I first saw Anna (The Anna Edit) doing a video on it.  An anti-haul is basically you discussing a few products that you wouldn’t purchase. Explaining why you wouldn’t purchase it, etc.

So basically its makeup that you will not be purchasing.

Natural Love Ultimate Neutral Eye Shadow Palette

This palette looks beautiful but as with other palettes already in my collection I don’t need another neutral palette. I also think what puts me off is the reviews. I mean don’t get me wrong Too Faced cosmetics is amazing but I prefer their smaller palettes because of the quality and pigmentation.

Lip Palette
Retail: $48

A lip palette? This looks so intriguing but honestly I hardly wear any bold lip colors. This palette is not for me even though it looks amazing.

Hoola Cream-to-powder Quickie Contour Stick
Retail: $28

Hoola powder bronzer is my holy grail bronzer. I love it but I don’t like the idea of a cream. I’m just not a fan of them and that could be because I have oily skin so I don’t like adding a lot of layers.

The Neo Limelight
Retail: $58

The blushes are so nice to look at but I think I would hate to mess it up. This product would just be amazing to Instagram but most likely I wouldn’t wear it.

Luminous Ink Liner
Retail: $75

An overpriced black eyeliner? Most likely that is the case with this product. I mean I wouldn’t purchase an eyeliner for $75 when I can get an amazing eyeliner for $3 from NYC (now discontinued). The packaging is amazing but just wouldn’t be able to do that.

They’re Real! Double the Lip Lipstick & Liner in One
Retail: $20

When I first saw them I thought they were very intriguing. A lip liner and lipstick in one? That had to be amazing, right? Then I started to see reviews and I was taken back by all the negativity around this product. It just doesn’t live up to the hype that was build around it.

Have you watched an anti-haul video before? Do you have an anti-haul list?

Thank you for reading dolls, until next time
xo Maria

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