Glowy skin a-mile away

Highlighters for glowy skin

Glowy Skin A-Mile Away
Highlighters in Rotation

Highlighters are something that I stayed away from because I have oily skin. Everyone was obsessed with adding loads of highlight to be glowy but I was adding loads of powder and blotting my face.
Even though I have oily skin I now find myself purchasing and using highlighters. I tend to use more neutral highlighters because they’re easy and I don’t have to worry about them.
These are the highlighters that I have been using lately. I have them in rotation depending on what I feel like using.
I do tend to purchase travel size products because I know I won’t finish the full size product. This way I don’t feel as guilty because I don’t wear highlighter everyday.

Elf Highlighter Gotta Glow $3
Nars Orgasam Blush $30
Benefit Danedlion Shy Beam $26
Elf Highlighter Blushed Gems $3
Wet n Wild Highlighter Crown of my Canopy $4.99

These are just a few that I’ve been loving recently. For the most part they are all affordable and they were super hyped at one point.

Do we have any of the same highlighters? Are there some highlighters that you think I should try?

Highlighters for glowy skin

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