Bloggers Tips: Promoting Blog Posts

How to promote your blog posts

Promoting Blog Posts
  How to share content

When you write a blog post you want people to read and see other materials you’ve written. We spend countless hours writing and taking pictures for these posts that we want them to be seen and read a couple of times.

Now promoting this material should be our main priority. Sharing on social media platforms becomes a tedious job but one that has to be done. I don’t use every platform out there because I have ones that I like more than others.
Having an idea from start to finish makes this job go by easier and faster. One you plan, then you write, take pictures and finally publish. You should also make a plan about how and when you are going to promote your content. What platforms, images and captions will generate more views for your blog is also important.
Here are five important things to keep in min...

1.   Share your content
Sharing makes your content seen and available to others. If you want views and buzz then you have to do this.

 2.  Include blog links on social media
Share different blog posts throughout the current one so you can direct them to older content. This will generate more views to your other posts.

 3.  Share blog posts on social media right when you publish them
Scheduling blog posts beforehand and tweets will make sure you are constantly pushing your content.

 4.  Share posts more than once
Scheduling tweets on different sites like Tweetdeck makes this super easy

5.  Network and Share
Connecting with other bloggers can also be beneficial to getting your content seen. If someone comments or shares a link to a new post then I will usually go and read a few other posts.


How I Would Hypothetically Promote a Post

Blog post goes up on Monday morning
ex. How to apply eyeliner. Time 7:00 a.m.

First Tweet: 7:00 a.m. with picture
Will tweet link 3-4x this day

Pinterest: Share picture with link back to blog
Bloglovin: Make sure post opens back in blog and not the bloglovin frame. This is important so you actually get the views and not bloglovin.
Instagram: Share picture direct from blog. Small caption brief excerpt of blog post to go with it.

Now keeping up with social media can be quite hard because of all the different platforms available. Remember to reply to comments left on your blog or emails. It is also important to make sure all links are working properly and that pictures are loading fast.

Tuesday: Promote Monday’s post 1x

Thursday: Promote Monday’s post 1x

Saturday: Promote post 2x
Sunday: Promote post 1x

Promoting previous blog post throughout the week will keep people engaged but also help them find your content. Most likely someone new will see and read your content every time you share it on your social media accounts. Someone might share or retweet that post you shared and someone not following will see it. Becoming interested in your content and following you.
One thing to keep in mind when sharing your content is that you don’t want to look like a spam account. Tweeting the same thing over and over will make people unfollow and stop reading your content.

What other tips do you have for promoting your content? Have any other platforms or ideas?

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