Blogger Help: How to Add Alt-Tags in Blogger

How to add alt tags in blogger
How to Add Alt-Tags to Blogger Images
Why You Should be Adding Them

Optimizing blog images is one of the most important things you can do. When I was first starting out I didn’t utilize alt-tags enough. To be honest, I didn’t actually know what alt-tags were then.

Alt-tags are super important. When someone Google’s something a keyword could pop-up from your post. Then be redirected to your blog and generate views.
You are basically naming your pictures with keywords in the hope that it will come up in a search. Be creative though, don’t just add key words because you can be flagged as spam. If you are successful in creating alt-tags then this can help generate exposure and new visitors to your social media platforms.

How to add alt-tags on blogger

1.         After you log in and upload a picture you can start adding alt-tags

How to add alt tags in blogger

2.         Select the image you want and you will get several options for this      

3.         Click properties to add title and alt text

How to Add Alt Tags in Blogger

4.         You want to make sure the text is relevant to your image

How To Add Add Alt Tags in Blogger

5.                ex: Blog post: How to add relevant alt-tags to images
title text: Optimize Blogger Images
alt text: How to add relevant alt tags to images

How to Add Alt Tags in Blogger

6.         Now, make sure to save all of this before exiting the page

How to Add Alt Tags in Blogger

7.         Make sure you add them to all your pictures and that they are relevant      
           to the post. If not they might not end up showing up.

How to add alt tags in blogger

8.         This is great for optimizing SEO and staying relevant on searches

How to Add Alt Tags in Blogger

If you do a Google search you might be able to find other posts and more information about alt-tags. This is what I know and what I do every time a post of mine has pictures.

What do you know about alt-tags? Do you find it stressful to do or tedious?

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