Netflix: 5 Things I'm Watching

What to watch on netflix
5 Things I’m Watching

Netflix is something that I spend a lot of time on. If I’m doing my makeup or getting ready then I am most likely watching something on there.
There have been numerous additions this month and early July. Lots of new and interesting things to watch.

1.    NCIS
Crime TV Drama based on the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Basically any crime relating to Navy or the Marines they deal with. Some amazing actors and actresses include: Mark Harmon, Cote de Pablo, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrete and Sean Murray. I’m almost done with the seasons available on Netflix.

2.     Orange is the New Black
I started watching this because it was hyped up to begin with. I’m waiting to finish NCIS to start the new season.

3.    Arrow
This is still on my to finish watching list because I’ve started to watch other shows. The show is very interesting a-long with the characters.

4.   Emmanuel Macaon: Behind the Rise
I started watching this after the election. There was quite a buzz on him and I saw this documentary so I decided to watch it. I watched it with subtitles and it was still good.

5.  Dear White People
This show was also very popular at one point and would totally recommend.

What shows are you watching? Which subscription service do you have and use?

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  1. Shockingly I don't have Netflix, I just go to my friends to watch theirs haha! x //