How to Stay Organized: School Edition

staying organized in school

How to Stay Organized
School Edition

I love being organized and productive when it comes to school. Normally I tend to get distracted by my phone or the internet when I should be doing my work. Staying organized is something I struggled with a lot but I’ve figured out ways to control that.
Using printable spreadsheets is easy and affordable. I can reuse them and decorate them as I please. So now you can schedule, stay motivated, stay organized and accomplish your goals.

Use a Planner
(Hard Copy or Phone App)

This school year I decided to get myself a bullet journal. I thought it would be fun to have a more personalized planner (agenda). Make sure you always have your agenda with you. This way, you can always update it throughout the day. I tend to include everything from extracurricular activities, to daily tasks and anything in between.

Staying organized in school

Plan Beforehand

I find that planning assignments and daily tasks (days & times) helps me with time management.  I HATE PROCASTINATING. Even though I manage to do it almost every semester. So now I try to plan for things in advanced.  Using these printable sheets actually helps a lot. I can either plan weekly, monthly or even daily.

staying organized in school

Having these sheets saves me so much time and I can schedule almost everything on them. From personal, school, social or work life.

Use the Syllabus

Before you even start scheduling, check the syllabus. Figure out the due dates for all your assignments and plan accordingly. Planning is fun when you start incorporating colorful pens and markers. I tend to color code depending on the class subject and the work assigned for each.

staying organized in school

To Do List

This helps me accomplish daily tasks. I try and only schedule a minimum of 4-5 school related tasks, chores or other activities I NEED to get done.  Don’t over schedule because you most likely won’t be able to finish them.

staying organized in school

Be Consistent

Have a consistent schedule that you find actually works and stick to it. I usually get a lot of work done during my breaks and in between classes. When I get home I have a different schedule.

staying organized in school

Keep it clean

I like having enough space to move around, to layout my books and other materials. This motivates me to actually do my work and not procrastinate as much.

Do you have any tips on staying organized?

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