ABH: Subculture Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills
Subculture Palette

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette was a very anticipated launch. If you remember a while back when an employee of Sephora (I think it was Sephora) shared unofficial product pictures, which she should have not posted. This created a lot of (mini) Twitter drama and even more anticipation for this palette to come out.
After reading and watching reviews, I was feeling hesitant on buying this palette. The palette looked amazing because the colors were so different from what I was expecting. The Modern Renaissance palette is something I use everyday. So I decided to give the Subculture Palette a go. I can honestly say I had big expectations for this palette because I loved the sister (Modern Renaissance) palette a lot.
            I did wait a couple of weeks after the original release to buy the palette. I couldn’t decide if I truly wanted it and wanted to make sure I was 100% on it. Everyone was literally talking about this palette so I wanted to wait until the whole hype thing settled down.

ABH:Subculture Palette

What did I expect?
I was expecting the palette to have the same quality (maybe better) as the modern renaissance palette. Pigmentation is something that I always want and look for in a palette. With one swatch the pigmentation should be on point. I shouldn’t have to work super hard to get pigmentation from a palette worth $42.

Did it meet those expectation?
The palette is completely different from what I was expecting. This palette has a completely different color scheme than what I could have imagined and I’m completely digging it. The colors are so out there! Pigmentation is on another level. These eyeshadows are pressed differently than the Modern Renaissance palette. Yes, the palette has a lot of fallout but this palette reminds me of the Lorac palettes. Those palettes have a lot of fallout as well.
The pigment you get is incredible but it is definitely not a beginner palette. I could probably say that this is more of a “professional” makeup artist palette because of the way it is set up.

Subculture Palette swatches

How did the eyeshadows apply?
I like using concealer as a primer and then I’ll set it with powder. First, I tried swirling my brush in the eyeshadow but I noticed that there was a lot of fallout. So, I ended up just lightly tapping the shadows and noticed that it worked best. Second, tap off the excess because you will get a lot of product on the brush. Third, when blending be sure to blend it out real good. Blending can be a little hard but it just takes a little practice. I also noticed that some shades don’t work well together because they make weird color combos.  

How can I intensify the eyeshadows?
The Duo-Chrome and Metallic shades can be intensified with a hint of setting spray. Spray an eyeshadow brush lightly and dip it in the eyeshadow and this will give it a more intense look. The duo-chrome are some of my favorite but I like the metallic bronze shade (Adorn) even more.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

Is this palette worth it?
Honestly, it depends on what you like and expect. I personally love Anastasia eyeshadows and don’t mind the fallout from the eyeshadows. This palette has shades that I don’t already own, which is great because otherwise I would have returned it. I’ve been using this palette on its own and with other palettes. Also, the shadows blend out better if I actually set my primer properly.

Which one is better?
If I had to pick from the Modern Renaissance palette and the Subculture palette, then I would pick the Modern Renaissance. The packaging is the same on both but the first one is pink, which just happens to be my favorite color. Obviously, I would pick that one because of the packaging but also because the shades are something I wear everyday. The palette is just more practical for an everyday use.

Final thoughts?
If you could get over the fact that these shadows have a lot of fallout, then I think you would like the palette. Pigmentation is amazing and some colors can be intensified even more. Axis, All Star, Adorn, Fudge, Dawn, Roxy and Rowdy are some of my favorite shadows. Look at the swatches and you’ll understand why.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette

                        Palette Eyeshadows
Roxy-Ultra Matte                     Axis-Ultra Matte
Electric- Duo Chrome             Mercury-Ultra Matte
Fudge-Ultra Matte                  All Star-Ultra Matte
New Wave-Ultra Matte           Adorn-Metallic
Untamed-Ultra Matte              Destiny-Ultra Matte
Edge-Ultra Matte                    Dawn-Ultra Matte
Rowdy-Ultra Matte                 Cube-Duo Chrome

Subculture Palette: $42
14 Shades included: Ultra Matte, Duo Chrome, Metallic Finishes
Palette includes a double ended brush.

ABH Subculture Palette Swatches

Have you tried this palette before? Do you already have it or want to try it? Do you own the Modern Renaissance palette?


  1. That Palette looks beautiful and the pigmentation looks insane! Love your photos. Great post xx

  2. I’ve seen this palette a lot over social media lately and I love the look of it! The colours and pigmentation look amazing, I might just have to make a purchase 😍

    Samantha | https://believeinamiracle.co.uk

  3. The shades in this palette are so beautiful, and they look so pigmented! Love your photos too! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog