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Study Tips for School
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Midterm season is upon us and I thought I would share what I do and how I prep for exams. Now everyone has something that works for them but others are still struggling to find what works. This semester I changed a lot of things leading up to exams. I honestly, feel like this semester is going by super fast and all the work is accumulating.
Here I’ve listed some of my study tips that I hope are useful to you…

Tip #1 Don’t cram before an exam
Don’t study everything the night before because this does not work. Trust me! The only thing it does is cause headaches and gives me anxiety knowing how much I have to study. Don’t stress yourself out by doing this.

Tip #2 Take notes during lectures
If you take notes during class then you will have extra study material. Sometimes my professors don’t upload any study guides or lecture slides and just expect us to take notes. (I have a post all about how I take notes and study them coming soon)

Tip #3 Read Notes
I know we all dislike reading the assigned class readings but they are assigned for a reason. In prior semesters I didn’t really read the books but I did skim through them. I like reading the books before the lectures because I will then know what is being discussed during class.

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Tip #4 Take notes while reading
When you are in class you take notes and these notes you use to study. When you read your assigned readings then you should also take notes. I tend to use sticky notes to write something important or terms I’m not sure about. I even highlight the book and annotate the margins ( if I purchased the book).

Tip #5 Rewrite your notes
Taking notes during lectures is hard because I need to write as much information as I can before the slide changes. Once I get home, I’ll rewrite the notes in a way that helps me remember (it’s important that you also understand) the material.

Tip #6 Plan study sessions
When I’m studying for a big exam I like to make sure I plan accordingly. I’ll plan my days according to my study schedule.
ex. Monday’s I have a 4 hour gap in between classes. During these four hours I know I have to read ‘X’ and ‘Y’ chapter and take notes.
If you plan then everything is just easier.

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Tip #7 Summarize the readings
This is such a life saver. So when you read a chapter of a book you should summarize the reading. In this brief summary you should include:  what was important from each section and any terms that are in bold letters that would need to be defined. Then when exams roll around you don’t have to panic about previous readings because you already have the summaries.

Tip #8 Take breaks
Sometimes I sit in front of my computer for hours and I honestly get noting done. I know studying is important but your brain also needs some rest. I like to study for a hour and take a small break and this helps a lot.

Tip #9 Play music and eat snacks
I love to eat carrots and grapes when I’m studying. Carrots are my favorite thing to eat throughout the day. I like the crunch they have. Don’t me wrong, I do eat candy and other junk food while studying. I’m trying to limit my consumption of sweets when I’m studying because I tend to get tired when I do eat them.

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Tip #10 Utilize the library
The library is your best friend! Usually, every floor at the library gets quieter and quieter as you go up. This is great because every one is studying and that motivates me to actually do my work. Distractions are almost non existent when I study in the library.

I’ll have a “How I Take My Notes and How To Study From Them” post in a few weeks.

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What study tips do you have? Have you tried any of these tips before and actually found them helpful?

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