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Pens and stationary

School Pencil Case
ft. Pens that I am loving

Stationery and pens are something that I find to be incredibly addicting. I don’t need any more pens or notebooks but I keep adding more to my collection. Pens make me happy. Buying or finding new pens brings me joy and I find that to be a tad ridiculous.

I’ve purchased a few new pens in the past few weeks and I’m so excited about them. This year I ventured into a lot of different brands. I tried a few pilot, muji, uni-ball, papermate and some other generic pens. Something to keep in mind is that pens can be expensive.
Here are some of the pens that I’ve been using lately and I think you’ll love them or at least find them a tad interesting.

Muji Gel Ink Ball Point Pen
size: 0.38mm in Black
The point is super fine and I love that about it. The pens are great to use in my bullet journal because of the size and it doesn’t bleed onto the other pages. If you buy the pens in bulk 10 pack then it is a little easier.

Pens and stationaryPens and Stationary

Precise V5RT Deco Collection
I purchased these at school (don’t do that) but you can find them at other locations (at a far better price). These pens are some of the pens that I have recently purchased. The way the pens glide is just so great. Even the green is really pigmented. I’ve had green pens that are super light that you can’t see what you wrote. This set is great and probably the only pens you need. The packaging is different than other pens but the actual tip is everything and more. Plus, did I mention these pens are gel pens, right?
Pens and StationaryPens and Stationary

Juice Pens
size: 0.5
Okay,  now these pens I purchased solely because I have seen them everywhere on Instagram. More on study accounts that I follow and I really wanted them. It took me a while to actually say yes to them because they were a tad expensive (less than $17 but for pens that’s a lot). I did buy the set of pens but I honestly didn’t need them all. Now that I have them I don’t know why it took me so long to actually purchase. These are great for short note-taking and writing in my bullet journal.

Pens and Stationary

size: .7
Story time. So a few weeks ago I went to Target solely to buy a car freshener. I came out with pens and crisps but no car freshener. Target always sucks you in. It always happens! Now, these pens are 0.7, which is normal and typical for pens. I however, like that it’s a gel pen but I don’t like gel pens to be higher than 0.5. I don’t like how they write but these are a little different. The grip of the pens is really sturdy and not wobbly. I also bought these in a set but the set was all black pens and all the same size. You can definitely take notes when using the pen but there might be times when you have to shake the pen to get it to work properly.

Pens and stationary

Ink Joy
size .5
Growing up, I always had an obsession with glitter gen pens. I would collect them even though the majority of them didn’t work properly. Now last year, I started seeing commercials that featured these pens and I had to have them. Before these commercials my pen obsession wasn’t as strong anymore. When I found the pens on Amazon (I couldn’t find them in store) I made sure to purchase the assorted color ones.

Pens and Stationary

These pens were my babies and I still use them all the time. I prefer the black ones over the colorful ones mainly because the black pen writes a lot smoother. The colorful ones aren’t as pigmented as I would have liked. Maybe I would even consider buying only the black pens in 0.5 and the colorful ones in 0.7 and I think that would make a huge difference.

I know you might be thinking that I have a pen problem. I will have to agree on that as I am currently on a no pen/stationary buy until next year. If you know me, then you know this is hard for me to do.

Pens and Stationary

I just find that I have a lot of pens + stationary that I have to get through first. This way I can make some space for new things.

What are some of your favorite pens? Do you own any of the ones I mentioned? Would you like to try any of the ones I mentioned?

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