Organizing my Life with the Bullet Journal System: BJ 2018

How to set up a bullet journal

Organizing my life with the Bullet Journal System
Bullet Journal 2018

Bullet journaling gives you the complete freedom to customize your pages. Unlike planners and agendas that give you little to no freedom to customize it. Plus, a bullet journal is a lot less expensive compared to those fancy planners.

I first got a bullet journal last year because of all the pictures I saw on Instagram.  I find myself following study accounts for inspiration. These accounts are so popular and fun to follow.

This year I decide to make my spreads a little less colorful and only add color when I want to. Mainly because I’m lazy and making colorful and beautiful spreads usually takes more time.

Bullet journaling allows me to use my creativity to come up with different ideas. I can do anything from weekly spreads, monthly spreads, to do list, saving tracker, travel bucket list, movies to watch or even your goals. Honestly, there are countless ways you can customize your bullet journal.

Here is a little glimpse into my bullet journal…

Bullet Journal: I use this journal
Muji Stationery Set: I love the eraser + ruler
Highlighters: These don’t bleed
Pens: I use these to make my little names
Writing Pens: .38 Gel Pens

How to plan using a bullet journal

My first page has my name and a little doodle on it. I wanted to keep it simple and plain because it would keep me calm. I wouldn’t find it stressful to open my journal to schedule in assignments. I also decided not to add color to this page.

How do I use a bullet journal?

The first two pages I put Jan-Apr and I left a huge chunk of space at the bottom. I will add important deadlines and big projects that correspond to the months. The next two pages have May-Aug and the final two pages have Sep-Dec. Each month also has a miniature calendar right under the month name.

Set up a monthly spread using a bullet journal

These are my goals for 2018 and what I want to accomplish before the end of the year. I can add and cross out ideas as they come along.

Each month has its own cover sheet. January has little penguins and a coffee mug because it’s still cold. This is as creative as my spreads gets this time around. Last year I made sure every page had color but this year I will only be adding color depending on how I feel when doing the spread. Each week is divided into two pages, so I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on one page. Then I have Thursday, Friday and Weekend on the next page. Each day has enough space to add things when needed.

March monthly spread

This year I want to keep track of my stats. With all the algorithms on different platforms I just want to see my own growth. I know it’s not about the numbers but for my own sake, I want to keep track.

stats social media tracker using bullet journal

I want to get back to doing monthly roundups of products. These used to be my favorites to watch and write, so I’m excited to keep track again.

April monthly spread using the bullet journal

I’m dedicating one page with all the dates that I can then go in and add my content on. The next page has a to do list for that month. Here I can put things like pictures I need to take that month and content that needs to be written.

how do I set up a bullet journal?

Whenever I have an idea for content, I will write it down on this page. Sort of like a brain dump so I won’t forget about some ideas.

Set up a weekly spread using a bullet journal

I used my bullet journal for school and blogging. I try to keep it clean and organized but it will get messy here and there. I will be comparing my 2017 bullet journal with my 2018 bullet journal in the next few weeks. I’m still not done setting up my bullet journal this year.

How are you staying organized this year? Do you have a bullet journal? An agenda? Maybe you have both?

How you should set up a bullet journal?

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