10 Myths/Misconceptions About Blogging

What people don't tell you about blogging

10 Myths/Misconceptions About Blogging

Blogging is fun and all but there are some things that you should know. Don’t follow the crowd, be your own 
person (you’ve heard that a thousand times, right)? Well I’m about to share with you some other myths or 
misconceptions surrounding blogging. From money, traffic to a full-time job, I’ve got you covered.

Honestly, if you were to search for these myths about blogging or even talk to a blogger, then you might get the same ones over and over again. These are just my top ten but I get that there are others out there too. Now, 
these are just some of the ones that get to me more.

Blogging myths and misconceptions

  1. You can’t make money blogging
Making money with your blog can be quite difficult in the beginning. Once you start gaining an audience, you 
can start partnering with affiliates and doing sponsor opportunities. This way you can start making money.

  1. Once you start blogging you will be invited to amazing events
Just because you blog, doesn’t mean you will be invited to cool events like the big bloggers. Getting invited to 
events or any place is very exciting. You must work hard to get these invites because they aren’t given out to
just anyone. You must also network and make connections in order to make it in the blogging 

myths and misconceptions with blogging

  1. Blogging can’t be a full time job
The industry is constantly changing and you CAN be a full-time blogger. Blogging is and CAN be a full-time 
employment. You are a writer, an editor, photographer, social media manager and so much more.

  1. Bloggers aren’t credible
Okay, this one is tricky. Yes, some bloggers only test out products once and then review it. That’s not how it 
should be done. There are bloggers who take their time to test products and write credible review. These are
the bloggers you should support and continue commenting on their posts. Before buying a product, I always try 
and look to see if I can find a post about it.

the misconceptions that surround blogging

  1. Traffic = Money
Every time someone goes to your blog, you will automatically start earning money. That is not the case. Unless, you use affiliate links, affiliate programs, sponsorships, or collaborations. 
Some bloggers even sell courses or offer services like e-books, etc.

  1. Leaving links on comments will drive more attention
No, you need to leave thoughtful comments on blogs! Don’t be one of those bloggers that says “that’s cute” and then just leaves their blog info. It makes me not want to check out your blog or any other social media

  1. Having ads on blog makes it look less professional
It honestly can if you add a lot, but if you keep them organized, then no. I have one or two ads going on at all
times but I have them on the side bar toward the bottom.

Blogging misconceptions and myths

  1. Blogging is expensive
It doesn’t have to be. You can honestly use your iPhone camera to take amazing pictures. Sometimes phone
pictures look even better than the ones with a DSLR or other fancy cameras. You might just need to invest in
the necessary, like a domain name.

  1. That everyone in the blogging world is always nice
Negative! While most bloggers are nice, you always find the negative groupies who will find something to
complain about. But the positive community makes blogging worth it. Trust me, find people and interact with

  1. Bloggers work with everyone that emails them
While some bloggers will say yes to anything that pops up on their email. There are a lot of bloggers who know and value their work. Don’t just say yes because they are offering you $20. You are worth more and it’s
important that you understand that.

Blogging Misconceptions about blogging

How many of these myths have you heard about before?

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