Five Key Investments Every Blogger Should Make

What should every blogger invest in?

Five Key Investments Every Blogger Should Make

Ready to take your blog to the next level? Investments are a great way to get to that next level. I’m aware that 
some of these investments you might not be able to do right away. Don’t worry! Investments take time and you need to budget for them.

Blogging can be a little pricey when you start taking it more seriously. You might want to make a career out of it and need to invest to make profit. These are some little investments that you might want to consider. Keep in 
mind that there are obviously other ones you can make, but it all depends on what you want to do with your 
blog. Do you want to still do it as a hobby (you might not need to do any investments at all) or do you want to 
turn it into a career (you will need to invest)?

Every blogger should make these key investments

Domain Name
Having a domain name is important. It represents you and your brand. If you just started blogging and aren’t 
sure if you want to actually invest in a domain name, then keep the (I kept that for a long time) or After you decided you actually want to start making money and making it look more 
professional, then you have to try and buy your domain name. When I first started, I was 
blogging at but now I’m at I changed my name before 
purchasing my domain.

Blog Design
The free blogspot templates are nice in the beginning but I wanted something different. Every (mostly every) 
blogger goes with Pipdig for a template/blog design. One day I hope to get one of their templates but for now,
I’ve purchased mine through Etsy. It was compatible with blogger and customizable. The seller was amazing 
through the process. Having a blog that looks professional and showcases your personality + brand is what youshould strive for.

A Computer
You need somewhere to type and write your blog content. I mean, you could use your phone or go to the library just to write it up. I find that having a personal computer means that I can blog at anytime. Definitely a must for me.

What investments should I make as a blogger?

I know everyone says that you don’t need an expensive camera for blogging and you don’t. Now, if you have 
the camera, then that is great. A phone with a great camera will do the trick as well. All you need is some good 
lighting, props and some practice. You always need practice to get the perfect picture.

Travel Expenses
Every blogger loves to travel to those Instagram locations to get the perfect picture. I know I do but it gets
expensive. Setting money aside for these expenses is great. Keep a budget for trains, cars, food, props, etc.
This makes it easier for you to be able to afford going to all these places. This isn’t really necessary if you don’t travel or like to go to these places. This is more of setting a budget and taking it into consideration so there isn’t a big stressor when you do decide to go. You might even want to go to an event and now you have a budget for it.
What should a blogger invests in?

Investments are great if you want to take things to the next level. Everything matters when you are your own 
boss or even if you are just doing it for fun. Domain name, blog design, a computer, photography and even
travel expenses are all an investment for your business. It makes your content stand out and you want that.

What investments are you making toward your blog? Have you made any of these investments already?

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