How to Promote a Blog Post Using Twitter

Promote a blog post using twitter
How to Promote a Blog Post Using Twitter

Twitter has to be one of my favorite social media sites because it is more freeing. Instagram has nothing on Twitter. Even though you can sometimes get dinged for being spammy, it is still great.  You can explore the world of Twitter chats or find new interesting blogs too.

I have discovered a lot of bloggers on Twitter that I didn’t even know existed. The blogging community has grown so much that there are new bloggers all the time. Twitter has made it easy to be able to interact with bloggers from all over the world. It’s fun. It’s simple.  

1.  Tweet your blog posts often
When you hit publish, you want people to read, right? This is something that makes me happy, when I hit publish and I know people are actually reading. There is so much content out there, that sometimes your content gets lost. Next time you hit publish, make sure you tweet about it or schedule a tweet for when your post goes up. This way your audience knows about it.

2. Creative Headlines
Do you want to catch someone’s attention? Making sure your headlines are catchy might just do it. I know coming up with super catchy headlines can be hard but it can be fun too.

3. Include Images
I’m 50% more likely to click on your link if there is a picture attached to it. It makes me get an idea of what your post is about. Pictures are worth a thousand words.

4. Use Hashtags
Hashtags are your best friend when it comes to twitter. You’ve maybe seen people using the hashtag #bloggerswanted #prrequest for bloggers to find work. But you can use them to promote your post. Using hashtags like #bbloggers, #fblchat and others can potentially attract new readers to your site.

5. Utilize RT accounts
Just like hashtags, these RT accounts are your bestie. But don’t over use them (you don’t want to look like spam)! These accounts have quite a bit of followers that may not know about you. This is a great way to attract new readers and gain some exposure.

Promoting a blog post using social media

6.  Interact with your audience
If someone is constantly retweeting, liking or commenting on your site but you never reply back. Then people will stop interacting with your stuff. Interacting is one of the great things about blogging.

7. Schedule Content
Scheduling content on twitter is key! I always try to schedule content for when I’m away or simply can’t tweet every 5 minutes. If there is a blog post going up this day, then I will schedule some tweets for it beforehand. It just makes life easier to have things scheduled, specially if you don’t have enough time to do it at the moment.

8. Don’t over do it
Scheduling is fun but don’t over do it. I try to only pre-schedule about 3 tweets per day that relate to my blog. I just don’t like constantly seeing tweets promoting posts (like the same post 5 times every hour) it can get annoying.

9. Check when your audience is more active
I know I’ve mentioned scheduling quite a bit. Understanding, when your audience is more active, will make scheduling tweets/content much easier. Tweet with a purpose. Make every tweet count.

10. Have fun.
Tweeting is fun. Don’t worry too much about what everyone is tweeting about.  Have fun interacting with other blogs and commenting on their stuff. The blogging community can be quite fun if you interact with certain groups. I myself, try and comment back to everything that I find interesting. Any DM’s, tweets etc.

Promoting a Blog Post Using Twitter for Advertising

How do you promote your content on Twitter? Do you have a method to your madness or just tweet to tweet?

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How to Properly Promote a Blog Post Using Twitter

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  1. Fantastic post, there's so many ways to promote your posts that I wouldn't have even thought about trying! Well done x