Taking Morning Routines to a New Level

Taking Morning Routines to a New Level

Taking Morning Routines to a New Level

I’m going to put this out there, I am not a morning person. I dread getting out of bed. I snooze a million times
and then find myself rushing to get ready. The funny thing is that every night (well sometimes) I tell myself that
I’m going to get up early and be productive.

If you were to look at my phone, then you would see all the alarms I have. Usually, they are 10-15 mins apart
and every time I snooze, it rings again every 5 mins. After, I finally decide enough is enough and ‘wake up,’ I
will usually stay in bed, while I check my phone. Answering emails or checking social media.

This year I have made it my priority to change this and actually get up when my first alarm rings. January is
over now, but I think I am doing a good job at keeping up with this. I even have an alarm for the days I’m not at my internship or school. This way I can keep a schedule going and actually keep myself accountable. I truly want to be more productive and waking up early is the way to go.

I know it is difficult to keep a schedule and I know it can be hard in the beginning but trust me, it gets easier. 
The night before I will usually write up a to do list for the next day. This way I know exactly what I need to get done and I can add things as the day progresses. I try to keep this list achievable because I don’t like being overwhelmed.

Taking Morning Routines to a New Level

Here are some of the things that I do in the morning…

  1. Leave my phone far away from my bed
I do this so I have to physically get out of my bed to turn off my alarm. Once I get up, I have a hard time going back to bed and that’s why I do it.

     2. Have a book next to you
The first thing I do when I get up is usually look at my phone. I could easily spend hours on my phone but
having a book instead is so much better. I have three books that I want to finish right now so doing this is really
helping. I will only read for about 30 mins and then get up before I get super into reading. Lately, I've been
listening to books on audible but it contradicts the no phone in the morning thing.

Taking Morning Routines to a New Level

    3. Quick morning workout
I like working out in the morning because the more I wait the less I want to workout. This way I get it out of the way in the morning and don’t have to worry about having to workout later in the day.  It is also a good thing that I have a gym class for school so on those days, I don’t workout again.

Taking Morning Routines to a New Level

4. Journal
Sometimes I journal in right when I get up. I like to write about how I’m feeling and what I want to get done that day. Or any concerns and or important things that might be happening that day. I will journal again at night
before going to bed. Here I will journal about my day and reflect on what I wrote in the morning. This is another way to keeping myself accountable.

How to Make yourself a morning person

5. Breakfast
I am horrible at eating in the mornings. Mostly because I’m always rushing to leave my house and because I’m usually never hungry in the morning. If anything, I will usually grab some fruit or some cereal and that’s it. This year I want to actually have a good breakfast, even if it is cereal and fruit but I want to make sure that I eat 
something in the morning. I have tried overnight oats and it is very convenient for days that I’m in rush but I need to find new recipes.

Why being a morning person is a good thing
6. Making my bed
This should be number two in my list because once I get up, I like to make my bed. If not, I will procrastinate all day because my bed isn’t made and I can’t function with a messy room. If my bed is made I feel like I 
accomplished a lot (who else hates doing their bed in the morning?) even if it is just making the bed.

7. Getting Ready
Sometimes when I work from home, I tend to just stay in pjs or other loungewear. Now if I stay like this I will 
most likely not get anything done because I will fall asleep. Instead, I try to get ready in the morning. Even just
doing my hair in a bun or just brushing it out. Doing minimal makeup because it makes me feel awake and put
together. Oh, and we can’t forget about getting dressed. I know I like to be comfy so I try to meet in the middle. I will wear casual bottoms that are comfy, stretchy but look nice, just in case I have to leave my house. My top is always more put together and it will make the outfit look 10x better.

How being a morning person will make you reach your new year goals.

8. Stay organized
Staying organized will make your mornings more pleasant. I like to plan my outfits the night before because it
saves me time in the morning. Sometimes I will change this outfit multiple times because I end up not liking it
anymore. Most of the time I go with the outfit that I choose the night before.

Now that you’ve looked at what I do in the morning and that actually helps me, what are some of your favorite
things to doing the morning? I like to do these little things to make myself more of a morning person so that I
can actually get more stuff done.

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