It's time to unfollow the accounts that halt your creativity

Do you feel like your creativity on Instagram is suffering?

Why it’s okay to Unfollow Someone

Unfollow the people that make you feel bad about yourself. Don’t waste your time looking at content that makes you feel uncomfortable, sad or insecure.

I’ve been having a major clear out with my social media. I’ve unfollowed accounts that made me feel bad about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I loved some of these account but I was often comparing myself to them.

Everything was unrealistic! I am more than what I post on social media. I don’t post content on a regular basis because I choose not to. I don’t want everyone knowing what I’m doing at all times. If I share something it’s because I want you to see it.

I was done comparing myself to these Instagram models! I just wanted my life back. This is why I now have a set of guidelines that I follow when I find someone new on social media.

When should you unfollow someone on Instagram?

Following isn’t everything
Just because someone has thousands of followers, it doesn’t mean you need to follow them. I’ve always felt guilty when someone with a large following follows me and I don’t follow back. I sometimes don’t even like their content but I often felt obligated to follow back. Now, that has changed. I don’t even look at numbers before following their page. If I like your content, then I will engage with it. I’m not going engage with content that I don’t like and that is OKAY!

why do people follow and unfollow on social media, instagram

The Follow and Unfollow Game
This irritates me so much! Grow your following organically and stop trying to get more followers this way. It only makes people want to block you! I once had an account follow me and unfollow me everyday for almost a whole month. What did I do? I simply DM’d them and told them to knock if off because it was annoying. I will only follow you back if I like your content. I’m not following you just because you followed me. It doesn’t work that way.

How many accounts follow you and then unfollow you a day later?

The Content Isn’t Organic
I’ve come across pages where the content is super similar to some other bloggers content. Like the same locations, similar outfits and almost identical captions. I’m all for being inspired by other creators but that is imitation. Be yourself! I want to see different content on my feed, not the same similar content from 5 different content creators.

Instagram and fake account, fake following and fake engagement
The Content Isn’t Inspiring
I like looking at content and feeling inspired to create something new. I want to see a new feed and feel inspired to get up and go take that picture I’ve been wanting to take. I want to feel inspired to write that post that I’ve been wanting to write. I want to see an outfit and be inspired to go online and find something similar. If I feel like someone’s content is bringing me down or making me feel uninspired, then I will just unfollow them. With Instagram constantly changing, I want to be able to see content that I actually like.

Having a fake following isn't the most professional thing to do
All the fighting and bickering is alarming and a waste of energy. It seems like everyone is always trying to be better and get the best collabs at all cost. Fake followers, fake engagement, fake likes is something that happens all the time. We can hope that brands will stop working with these influencers but starting “fights” is not going to do anything. I’ve distanced myself from stuff like this because I feel it’s a waste of energy. I want to feel inspired by this community of creators and not feel like I’m in highschool again.

Instagram isn't as inspiring as it once was

When you unfollow someone on social media it almost feels like you have a target on your back. You get the constant messages that ask why you unfollowed them. I feel like it’s alright to unfollow someone and without reason. I can customize my feed anyway I want. I can mute someone and not have to mention it to anyone.  My feed is my feed!

Is it okay to unfollow someone and not tell them? Do you let people know before you unfollow them? I don’t feel like I should have to tell someone I’m unfollowing them. What I’m I supposed to say?

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  1. Every few months I go through my social feeds and unfollow people who aren't active or annoy me. I actually unfollowed someone the other day because they just constantly advertise their content. It's great for people to promote their stuff but when it's flooding my feed to point every 5th or 6th tweet is their's I start to have a problem with it.
    I don't think anyone should ever feel guilty for unfollowing someone and definitely don't think it's ok for someone to chase you up to find out why.

    Great post
    Laura //