Staying Organized with a Content/Editorial Calendar

Why should you use a content calendar for your blog?

Having a content/editorial calendar for your blog is a must

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time in the day for blogging? I sometimes feel like I don’t have
enough time for anything. 24-hours is not enough time!

Staying organized can help ease some of this frustration. This is where a content calendar comes in play.

What is a content calendar?

3 words.
Plan. Schedule. Organize.
This will make it simple and clean. The bigger picture is that you can control the process of creating content
and brainstorm ideas to publish and where to publish them.

What is a content calendar?

1. Stay Organized
Staying organized is part of the process. I’m more creative when I can think clearly and I have enough space
on my desk. Now that everything is digital, I find myself always with my computer. An organized computer will make everything easier. I like to keep my calendar very clean. I’ll organize it by month and then I’ll do it my

2. See what posts you want to do in advanced
Having this content calendar makes it easy to see things in advanced. I have an idea of what I want to post a week from today or at the end of the month. I can always rearrange the items if I need to.

3. Stay Consistent
Staying consistent with this method is quite great. I can schedule enough content to keep my readers
interested. This also helps me stay consistent because I can plan ahead.

4. See the bigger picture
Having a schedule will help you visualize the bigger picture. You can see how your content is changing or if
you are spending too much time on one topic. It almost helps you visualize where your content and brand is

Why a content calendar is the best way to stay organized

What is in a content calendar?
Here you are basically outlining your blog post. What does your blog post need? I find this to be the best way
to stay organized.
Here are the items that I include.

Blog topic idea: What is your post about?

Category: Under which tab will you add this to?

Title: What will the title be? I tend to do this last.

Keywords: Anything that will bring SEO up and is relevant to the post.

Images: Do you have images already or do you still need to take them? Start planning.

Call to action: What do you want your readers to do?

First edit: When should the article be ready for revision?

Editing: Make notes of the edits and make the final revision.

Published date: When will this post be published?

Having a content calendar is a game changer

What do I use for my content calendar?
I personally use Asana because I’ve been using it for some freelance work that I’ve done. It’s easy and very
efficient. Asana offers a free version or the premium version but they both work great.

I’ve also used the basic calendar app on my computer to organize my content but it is very limiting. Since, you can only add the titles and not add more information. I find this method to work best when I only want to
schedule a reminder for a post. I can set a reminder of a post going up that day but that’s the only reason I use the calendar app.

Excel is your best friend. I created a template that is customizable to what I use it for. I set up my content
calendar a specific way and this gives me complete freedom. I honestly, can set it up and use it the same 
every month or switch it up. If you don’t want to spend money on a template, then this is perfect for you.
Super easy!

How to create a content calendar

As you can see, there are different ways to set up a content calendar. At the end of the day, you have
complete freedom to do whatever you want to it. It’s yours and you don’t have to share it! I tend to keep mine
to myself because it has all the content that I would like to work on. Some of that content is still in progress
and I’m not ready to share it. Whether you are looking to invest in a content calendar or not, you should have
one. It changed the way I look at my blog content. I don’t feel like I’m a mess trying to figure out what to post. I can see the posts I want to write about ahead of time but I can move them around if it is not inspiring me at
the moment.

Don’t feel like the calendar should define your every move! At the beginning of the month, I will sit and make a
list of the content I would like to post that month. I schedule it depending on my posting schedule but I don’t make it final just yet. At the beginning of the week, I decide if the content for that week is going to work for
me. If not, I switch it around and find something that works.

Keep your blog organized with an editorial calendar

Customize your calendar and find what works for you. There are loads of templates online and you can use
those but you can also create your own. Schedule and stay organized!

What do you use to organize your content? Do you use a content/editorial calendar?


  1. This was such a helpful post, thank you so much for sharing! I often don't feel like there are enough hours in the day so hopefully this will help xx

    1. Glad you found it useful. Content calendars have been my go to for sometime now and they are amazing! I love seeing my full calendar at the beginning of the month.

      Let me know if you create one!
      xx Maria