Utilizing Retweeting Accounts to Promote on Twitter

Retweeting accounts on Twitter to promote my account

Promote your Content Using Twitter

You’ve written your blog post, right? Well, now you have to promote it! Twitter is a fast and easy way of getting your stuff out there.

By utilizing the retweeting accounts on Twitter, you have the potential to reach hundreds of viewers. It’s
important to note that Twitter has some rules about tagging and using hashtags. If you are constantly using
Twitter as a form of promotion then you might get marked as spam. Try and limit the amount of times you use
Twitter to promote on a daily basis. Make sure that you are also engaging with your following.

A list of Retweeting Accounts on Twitter

Some people will unfollow accounts who only promote posts. People want to be engaged and not just see the
same posts being promoted every day. I’ve created this small list of accounts that I’ve used in the past.

1. @theeditRT                              35. @BloggersSparkle
2. @DiscoverBlogRT 36. @UKBloggers1
3. @UKBloggersRT                      37. @thebloggershub_              
4. @UKblog_RT                              
6. @LovingBlogs                          38. @FierceBloggers
7. @BBlogRT                               39. @Global_blogRT
8. @bloggeration                          40. @sotonbloggers
9. @BloggersTribe                       41. @TeaCupClub_
10. @PLBChat                             42. @AllThoseBlogs                        
11. @RTBloggersGang                 43.  @blogginggals  
12. @UKBloggersRT                     44.  @BloggersOppsRT                      
13. @SincerelyEssie                          45.   @FeelPrettyDaily
14. @LovingBlogs     46. @UKBlogRT
15. @BBlogRT                                47.  @CbeeChat
16. @bloggeration                         48.  @WelshBloggersRT
18. @GRLPOWRCHAT               50. @bloggingbeesrt
19. @BBlogLove 51. @RetweetBloggers
20. @thebloggercrowd 52. @FemaleBloggerRT
21. @lifestyleblogs_ 53. @Bloggeration_
22. @BFblogrt_ 54. @Bloggerstime
23. @RTBeautyBlogger 55. @LBloggerRT      
25. @wetweetblogs      57. @socalbloggers
26. @BDIBChat
27. @BloggingOwls 58. @Bloggerscircle_      
31. @FBLbloggers      61. @Scotbloggers
32. @bloggersHut                         62. @lazyblogging
34. @GRLSWhoCreate

Retweeting accounts on Twitter

Try these accounts out and see which ones work for you. I know there are a lot more out there but these are
the ones that I’ve seen and used in the past.

Don’t forget to follow @theeditRT which is an account that I made! Make sure you add @theeditRT to your next tweet to get retweeted. I hope this list makes it easier for you.

How many Retweeting Accounts should I tag on Twitter?

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